My national co-workers are all taking English language classes during the week. They are all at different levels, some very good, some not so.

Last weekend, at the staff party at Datsahra Village, we were joking that we would have a "Miss Beach" contest. At the time it was funny, but not as funny as today when one of my national co-workers, who is very proud of his progress (so am I), comes and says good morning to me.

(spelled pheonetically with his accent).

Goude Moore-neeng Mees Bitch.

I said, Pardon!!??? (a la Champ, perhaps?). It took me more than a second to remember the “beach contest”. All I hear is him calling me a b*tch.

He repeats it again, I take a minute, and it sinks it.

Yes, I may be a b*tch at times.....but thankfully, he's not calling me one...

I try to explain to him how to pronounce “beach” and try to explain why I’m laughing at the explanation.

I tell him “b*tch” is a bad, bad word and he can’t say it.

He laughs, but then comes back a few minutes later.

In French, “If I saw a female dog walking down the street, wouldn’t I ask”, he switches to English, “What a friendly b*tch?

Um. No. (I'm guessing he must have used his new dictionary... )

Then another co-worker comes in asking (in French), “On a TV show, I’ve heard someone being called a sun-a-b*tch”.

The explanations continued...I hope no English speakers were listening to much...

...I love my job....


  1. I can sure see why. It must be a bit like a sitcom sometimes. Keep on having fun Love G&G xxoo


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