And repeat.

I had another wonderful weekend in Toamasina, as per usual!

It started off with a wonderful supper, cooked by my favorite dog owners.

The trifecta of 3 Cubans, 3 Canadians, and 3 Jamaicans made for great dinner confaversation!
Did you know that brandy is made from grapes and is distilled to a higher proof than wine? I didn't.Nothing like some Canadian political chats to round off the night...
By midnight I was tucked safely in bed dreaming of good weather.

And my dream came true!!! So far (*touch wood*) every Sunday has been beautiful weather! It's winter here right now, and most days during the week it's gloomy and rainy off-and-on. But not Sunday!
The two-and-a-half hour drive was worth it!Seven of us sat on the beach, drank mojitos (mine even came with a worm, and ant, and a big green bug...which didn't stop me from enjoying it....), and sun bathed.
We didn't even have to get up off of our beach chairs to order lunch! (The guy taking our orders was pretty cute too!) The restaurant presented us with "un cadeau" (a gift) was presented to us before we ate.
I. Have. No. Idea. What. These. Are.
But since it's rude to turn down a gift, I ate the raw....thing. It was....well, I'm not going to lie. It was disgusting.
Time for the main course. Um...some kind of crustacean that looks like a lobster. Again, it was disgusting. Very dissapointing since the food is usually pretty good!
(Luckily, there was a dog for me to feed it to. I think I am in debt to the the dog-world a bit since killing one last week)
I was fascinated by the shell of this thing....
I used it to put on my mascara....(okay, not really)
...then went for a walk on the beach with the boy.
On the way back ran into some little ones playing jump rope with a tree vine....
...and of course had to jump in. Not long after the skies started to turn and it was home time.

Laying on the beach is harder than it looks because I was beat! I slept almost the whole way home (bumpy roads and all!).

What a great weekend!

Having a great Sunday truly makes the weeks go by soooo much faster. Two more Sundays and then I'm off on vacation!! Wahhoo!!

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