Not much new to report to report here. Things have just been pretty day-to-day for me. Except for the fact that I’m like SO really looking forward to the next few months!!!

* Warning. The positivity and cheeriness of this post will most likely be incredibly irritating. I’m in a super good mood this week. Don’t worry, I’ll be back next week with my regularly scheduled self-analysis/drama/complaining....*

First off, work is going well. It’s really starting to ramp up and now that we have a full team; I’m getting into a bit more challenging work. I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes up next!!!

This weekend I’m taking a group of new expats along the Canal Pangalanes. It’s never the same twice and is always a great day out!

Next weekend I’m going on a whale watching tour. It’s on the same boat that I went on around this time last year. Let's hope for less vomit this time.

Then it’s off of Canada – Out west for two weeks and then five full days in Montréal!

Six weeks later, me and my two (goofball) good friends are meeting up in Paris, spending a few nights here:
Then heading to Rome, spending a five nights here:
Then heading to Barcelona and staying here!!!
I don’t have a single clue what we’ll get up to, but I know it will be tons of FuN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(See, I told ya it would be annoyingly cheery!!!!!!!)

After six nights in Barcelona, we’ll split up where I’ll be going to Mons, Brussels and spending seven nights with my best friend and her family! Miss those girls soooooooooooo much!!!!

It will be back to Toamasina for a month of heat wave (I’ll be a sweaty beast every. single. day.)

And then back to Belgium to spend Boxing Day and New Years with the girls again!! (I have a bet with another expat that I won’t make it there because I’m flying on Christmas Day. I plan on proving him wrong and earning myself $25 US dollars, baby!!)

I’m just so excited this morning!!!!!