Just a regular day at the office....

Last night, I went for a massage and then out for a fabulous supper (okay, the food wasn’t that great but the company made up for it ;) ).

Today, I had a hectic day that barely allowed me time to grab a bite to eat, but it was still pretty good. This afternoon, I was thinking about the weekend.

All of this made me feel….well, I felt like…well, I felt like I was living the typical-every-day life.

The my boss comes in my office and talks to me. “Nicole, I just wanted to give you the heads up and let you know that there might be some chaos/activity tomorrow at work. To purify the site from the death from a couple of weeks ago, they are bringing in three zebus [cows] and sacrificing them”.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh rightttttttttt. I’m living in Madagascar….there is NO typical-every-day life. Forgot about that for a second.

(And…is it creepy that I really want to go see this?)

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