La Grève

For the non-French, that means, the strike.

This week we had more hooligans striking. It started Friday at lunch. As per usual, we all evacuated to the camp and after lunch things were calm and we could return to work.

Early Saturday morning, they were back. This time there were more and they were more forceful. They broke down the gate of the site. As soon as word got out, we were told to leave the site.

Unfortunately, some of us (like me!!!) were too late.

The strikers had made their way to the camp and were blocking the road between the site and the camp. AND, they were trying to break the fence of the camp.

Just great.

Luckily, there was a Security Manager that I kind of ran into. We hopped in his truck, and he told us the plan, then we hopped in the boy's truck, and drove to the construction camp, located inside the plant behind another security gate.

The construction camp is for all of the construction, contract, and other foreign workers. There is about 4000 people in the camp (as opposed to about 150 in mine) so I think the thought was that if these gates were forced down there would be safety in numbers.

So we stayed in the constructin camp. And waited.

A few hours later we got the word that it was okay to go back. Our people talked with their people, I guess. So we go back to the site, and then walk over to our camp.

The head of security (I think...I'm not exactly sure who he was) gave us the update. The strikers have agreed to leave and not come back until Monday. They will be striking Monday and Tuesday, and then have agreed to negotiation talks on Wednesday. They will not talk sooner. Faaaabbulous.

So what does this all mean for me?

No work for me tomorrow. And then tomorrow night, I'll be finding an alternative route (not sure how this works yet) and then staying in town with an expat couple. Then, the husband of the expat couple will drive me to the airport on Tuesday morning.

I'm a bit anxious... The strikes drive me crazy!! I never feel at ease when they are going on. Anyway...I have the best plan possible, and I'll a very well deserved glass of wine on the plane from Toamasina to Reunion...

Will post updates tomorrow. Cross for your fingers for me!!


  1. Oh my, this is much worse than you made it sound on the phone. We will pray for the safety of all of you and keep our fingers crossed as well. Safe travel Honey, Stay safe. See you Wed. God speed.Love G&Gxxoo

  2. Good luck getting out Nicole I'm sure you will be fine, I'm back in Wednesday so I hope all is calm. Have a good break see you when you get back.



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