Local Life Pics

I haven't been posting many pictures of the local living here often. Somehow I end up getting caught up in all that is ... me. Anyway, here are some pictures taken over the past few months.

Oranges, oranges, oranges. They don't taste very good and are full of seeds. Ick.
Every day, sun-up until sun-down, women and children dig, break, and bag rocks to sell in town. I still don't know what is done with them.
This isn't an uncommon sight.
Living quarters for most
A local store. Sells cookies, pop, chocolate bars, and beer, of course. Three Horses Beer.
Soooo cute! Lunch time.
Go Habs!
Oddly enough, most of these houses have a satellite with more channels that we have in camp.
Going swimming!
Resting on the beach ...
Friends forever!
One tired puppy. I both hate and love this picture. I just want to take this guy home ...
Multitasking Mammas!
Off to school. Spiderman is universal, I think.
And we thought Edmonton potholes were bad?!!

I bought myself this fancy shmancy camera to take pictures of everything here and I haven't been putting it to good use. So I hope to post more pictures of the local happenings soon!

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