I pee in the dark.

Yes, this is "too much information", but for the past two weeks, at work, I pee in the dark.

The women's washroom has toilet stalls that encased in tile from the bottom of the floor to the top of the ceiling. I'm sure they look nice and are all sparkly and white. But I can't see them. It's dark-room-quality black dark in there. Can't see my hand in front of my face.

The lights have been burnt out for two weeks. Last week, I finally made a complaint.

Oh, yes, Mr. Whoever-is-in-charge-of-replacing-lightbulbs is aware of this situation. Unfortunately, the lightbulbs used are very rare in MG. That makes total sense. 'Cause the the women's washroom probably isn't the busiest place in the entire plant. So it would only make sense to have lightbulbs in installed in those toilets that have to be "specially ordered" from another country. When we live on an island. Sure.

The lightbulbs have been specially ordered.

They are expected to arrive in the capital of Madagascar (300km and a seven hour drive away) on Thursday.

Until then, I'll bring a flashlight to work.


  1. Or a hurricane lamp. Don't stumble and hit your head. Could be a potential disaster.
    Love G&Gxxoo

  2. moan moan moan!!! atleast you have a decent toilet to use!! remeber where you are and what the toilets are like when you out on the town!!!! :)