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Workout 9-29-10

Just a quick post to get the Run Club workout up.

Warm up: 1.5 km of the dreaded loop
Drills: ~ 20 min
Sprints: 3 x 300 meter sprint; with a 600m of recovery each time; and an extra 300m sprint at the end just for fun
Cool down: 0.5 km of the dreaded loop

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IMF Official to Leave Madagascar Next Month Amid Crisis

TheInternational Monetary Fund’s representative inMadagascarwill leave at the end of October and won’t be replaced until a political crisis on the Indian Ocean island nation is resolved, l’Express reported.
The fund is still deciding what to do with its office in the country, the Antananarivo-based newspaper said, citing Pierre van den Boogaerde, the country representative.
The IMF’s departure is unlikely to have an immediate impact on the country as it ceased direct funding of development programs following an unconstitutional change of government in 2009, the newspaper said.
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Road unblocked

In my Canadian life, I was pretty active. I’m not an athlete by any means, but I was part of a few running/activity groups and usually training for some kind of race or something. Never anything too hard core, just aiming to finish.

I liked to be active, mainly through running. I’ve never been one to run on a treadmill (I spend enough time inside all day) and I live near some great trails that are available all year-round. I found running enjoyable, a form of therapy, and very stress releiving. Whatever happened during the day was usually cured by a run. I loved getting outdoors, regardless of the weather.

And.....then I moved here. And my running options are basically a treadmill (can't mention how much I hate these) or, basically a 1000m track around the camp.

As you can see, this track has about fourty houses along side it. On any given night, there are between five and fifteen people sitting outside smoking, watching me run by again, and again, and again... And the scenery of …

Lots of Montreal Pics

Welcome to Montreal!!!
Where there's lots of traffic...
..lots of rain......lots of gorgeous views of the city...(even in the rain)
...lots of super cool, old buildings and churches...
..lots of driving...


I DON'T know HOW I forgot, but the key to settling in after a vacation away is:

good friendsa day at the beachSun!!!Am feeling about three thousand times better than I was earlier in the week. Yee haw!!**Update on Monday afternoon...** The key to NOT settling in after a vacation away is:going to a super fun day at the beach and eating something that keeps me up sick all night and all day. :( Looking forward to getting my week off to a better start tomorrow.....

Whale Watching pictures

Wow, I am whale behind on posting my pictures!

Here are some of the pictures from my whale watching trip about a month ago...

Leaving the port.

At sea
These whales were very shy and so hard to photograph! I don't think many of us got any great shots! Catch of the day....Watching my Jamaican friends was hilarious. It was as if they had never seen the ocean before!
Party at the back of the boat! (Also the least likely place one gets sea sick.)
Except for poor Jorge...Luckily I had a strong stomach!
Doesn't he look thrilled to be freezing his butt of entertaining a bunch of vazas?
The waters were a bit rough, but nothing like the last time!! )(Where I thought I was super brave for TOUCHING a fish) It was a cold one and we got soaked, but what a great day!