I no speak francais

My visit to Montreal is going sooooo great! Most of the time I have been staying in a cute suburb with a cute boy, but tonight am staying in Old Montreal at the W hotel. It's very swanky and seems kind of like a nightclub. I'm pretty sure that the suite is bigger than my condo!

I haven't seen much of the city but what I have seen is very nice! Old Montreal is so historic (duh) and beautiful! They have these bike rentals all over the place, but unfortunately there aren't any helmets available (and I'm THAT much of a klutz that it's pretty much a must for me!) so I didn't rent one, but did manage to walk around a bit near the Old Port. I wish I would have went there sooner because there are SO many cute restaurants. I was looking forward to trying some interesting restaurants but it just hasn't worked out that way.

Also, it turns out, that as soon as I set foot in Quebec, I forget how to speak French. I'm not sure WHAT is wrong with me, but I CANNOT speak French and have mega trouble understanding French. And I'm nervous every time I try to speak it. I speak French at least 50% of my day in MG....I don't know why I am so confused!?!! I'm loosing it!!

I'm sadly going back to MG tomorrow. While I'm looking forward to seeing my old MG peeps...and getting back to my real life, I'm not really looking forward to going back. I think that when I go back to Canada for a vacation, things are so busy that I don't really feel like I've had a vacation. Especially this rotation I had my dental surgery, which took over a week out of my vacationing. It wasn't until I got to Montreal that I felt I got to really relax. I think I always get a little down the day before I leave Canada. Coming back always makes me so hyper aware of everything I'm missing and how things have changed since I left. As much as I feel grateful for the opportunities I have now, they doesn't come withouth sacrifice. I can't beleive it's been over a year since I left Canada.

I know, whine, whine, whine. I have such a tough life. :-P

Anyway, today was a great day, spent mainly at the spa (have SUPER cute nails. This is an important detail!!). Tonight, I plan on being a loser and taking it easy... and then will be flying out tomorrow night (and staying away from the mini-bar - chocolate bars are $8!!!). Will post some Montreal pictures somewhere along the THREE DAY journey back home. Also maybe will post something a bit more cheery.

See you soon Toamasina!

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  1. Come on, you can speak great french, i'll say just one thing: "quatre et quatre-vingt-quinze". xoo