Livin' the life.

Don't worry.... I won't be giving up my day job to write this movie script. It turns out that I had enough bone and didn't need the bone graft! Woo hoo!!!

The procedure was actually pretty easy.... the recovery is pretty much SUCKING. I'm either in pain or on prescription pain medication, which makes me sleepy and very weepy. Shocking, I know. Something else that makes me cry. :S

But this week should be getting better. Not only do I have a week of vacation to look forward to, but as a extremely pleasant surprise, the boy is coming to visit me for the weekend! This means that I get to show him around and play tourist in my own town for a couple of days!

The week after, I'm going to Montreal for a few days to visit him!! I'm so looking forward to experiencing dating in a first world country!! Where our dinner dates aren't set in a fluorescent-lit cafeteria eating prison food and we can go for leasurely walks further than just walking around the camp in circles. Imagine!?!

This week will be filled with more pain medications, exciting things like grocery shopping (I went to Bulk Barn and it was like...thrilling!! And, no, I'm not being sarcastic!!), and making sure I get lots of rest and sleep, going to oven yoga.... oh!!! Life is pretty great this week!!

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