Road unblocked

In my Canadian life, I was pretty active. I’m not an athlete by any means, but I was part of a few running/activity groups and usually training for some kind of race or something. Never anything too hard core, just aiming to finish.

I liked to be active, mainly through running. I’ve never been one to run on a treadmill (I spend enough time inside all day) and I live near some great trails that are available all year-round. I found running enjoyable, a form of therapy, and very stress releiving. Whatever happened during the day was usually cured by a run. I loved getting outdoors, regardless of the weather.

And.....then I moved here. And my running options are basically a treadmill (can't mention how much I hate these) or, basically a 1000m track around the camp.

As you can see, this track has about fourty houses along side it.

On any given night, there are between five and fifteen people sitting outside smoking, watching me run by again, and again, and again...

And the scenery of this track....never changes. It's hard, flat, dusty, and BORING.

So after a year of running the same circle…over….and over….and over…and over again…I’m just DONE with it.

Running around the track once has become the hardest km of my life.

I hate it.

Instead of being therapeutic, running has become a chore. And since everyone (especially me) procrastinates about doing chores, I started running less and and less and less.

But I need some kind of stress releif!! Expat life is hard! I don’t need to get into a list of ALL of the reasons, but being away from anything/everything I've ever known and rarely having anything go right are just two simple examples. After a long day, I need some kind of stress release.

So I feel the need to work out, but am at a loss of what to do. I have workout DVDs, I’ve tried the ridiculously boring elliptical trainer at the gym, yoga on my ipod, running the dreaded loop…and nothing seems to stick.

Until Tuesday, when a coworker told me there was a few expats that get together to work out for about an hour. It’s a warm up run, some other drills, some speed work, and then a short cool down run. In short, it’s some pretty intense interval training, but still at everyone’s pace, so there are some super hard core fast runners, some medium paced runners, and some slow runners (like me!).

Keeping with the trend I’ve seen on other people’s Health and Fitness blogs, I’m going to be blogging my Tuesday/Thursday workouts. I’m hoping this will help keep me accountable to get the workouts in, and it will also be nice to look back and see how I’m progressing.

(If this kind of stuff bores you…well…I’m sure I’ll be back tomorrow or the next day with some kind of rant of how crappy it is here or how great it is here (‘cause both are equally true…) )

Warm up: 2km of the dreaded loop
Drills: 20 min
Sprints: 8 x 100 meter sprint; with a 100m of recovery each time
Cool down: 0.5 km of the dreaded loop

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  1. Hang in there....everyone has to start somewhere!