Whale Watching pictures

Wow, I am whale behind on posting my pictures!

Here are some of the pictures from my whale watching trip about a month ago...

Leaving the port.

At sea

These whales were very shy and so hard to photograph! I don't think many of us got any great shots! Catch of the day....Watching my Jamaican friends was hilarious. It was as if they had never seen the ocean before!
Party at the back of the boat! (Also the least likely place one gets sea sick.)
Except for poor Jorge...Luckily I had a strong stomach!
Doesn't he look thrilled to be freezing his butt of entertaining a bunch of vazas?
The waters were a bit rough, but nothing like the last time!! )(Where I thought I was super brave for TOUCHING a fish) It was a cold one and we got soaked, but what a great day!