Workout 9-29-10

Just a quick post to get the Run Club workout up.

Warm up: 1.5 km of the dreaded loop
Drills: ~ 20 min
Sprints: 3 x 300 meter sprint; with a 600m of recovery each time; and an extra 300m sprint at the end just for fun
Cool down: 0.5 km of the dreaded loop

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  1. Nicole,

    Is there a Hash House Harriers in Madagascar?

    Tip O'Neill

  2. Great start Nicole....good for you trying to shake it up for's tough for anyone....never mind your different situation.....I'll be one of your chearleaders!

    love, mom

  3. Hi Tip!!

    I wish there was!!! maybe that's what we'll name our group!

    NB in MG