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Last Sunday before Vacation!!!

Okay, my Saturday wasn't as fun as I had hoped it to be....but my Sunday definetly made up for it!!

I slept in, walked over to a neighbours for a coffee & baileys, & then asked Sergio to take me for a drive in town.

It had been awhile since I'd just been in town for no reason.... I love this sign. It usually has meat hanging in the window all day. I'm not sure if it's an advertisement or an anti-advertisement for the "very cheap beef".
Sunday was a pretty busy day in town! Sergio had to do lots of honking and swerving around the pousse-pousses. We stopped at a restaurant for a Fanta. Sergio was brave enough to eat there....I refrained. The last time I was there I got mega sick. I always love watching the little kids here, they are SO adorable!! Enjoying a refreshing orange pop. Yum. Here's me laughing....(or trying to make myself laugh so that I don't have my signature "fake" camera smile). After our drinks, we went for a walk on t…

Happy Halloween

Okay, you know those ideas that you picture so good in your mind?? But that don't exactly end up looking as planned?

Well..... for Halloween, I decided to go as Smurfette.
So I bought A LOT of blue paint (which isn't that easy to find in Madagascar)...
...& a white dress and a hat made out of a pillowcase....

...& here's the result.
Not bad, right??? (& no I don't look like Avatar!!)

One guy was dressed up a pousse-pousse driver. Not the most creative costume, but a pretty clever idea!
Another was dressed up as a mummy. I was pretty impressed with this guy, I didn't expect him to dress up!!! & then there was Sergio. Oh, my. A tattoo'd crazy biker man.
A lame-ish attemp at a costume. Oh, well, I appreciated the spirit. :)
The "pumkins" added a nice touch!
The organizers did a great job, but it just seemed like people were too tired or didn't feel like coming to the party. It was a pretty low key night. (The dynamics of the expats in the p…