Adventures with Sergio in Cooking

Sounds pretty exotic, hey?

As I posted earlier this week, I'm now living with the boy. For blog/anonimity purposes, the boy, will now be referred to as, Sergio. (No, that's not his real name!! But I think I like it. :D )

This weekend Sergio and I are having a couple of people over for some wine and a bite to eat...

The problem with this track record for cooking is NOT GOOD. The last time I was near a stove, I nearly lost an eye....

My original menu was as follows:

Sergio & Nicole's First Dinner Party
Freshly purcahsed cheese and crackers
Main Course
Peanut Butter spread over freshly baked bread
Locally grown bananas with locally made pastries made with Madagascar vanilla

Okay. *Maybe* the PB sandwhiches are a bit... um, pathetic... but do I really want to risk injury for a meal?

Using this menu....I wouldn't even need a sharp knife...there is just no risk involved...right??

Perfectly safe...

BUT, perfect would be boring....

So, my little adventure this weekend, with Sergio, will be in COOKING.

I was telling a national co-worker about this, and she started talking about her housekeeper. (By the way, the housekeeper does all of her cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping for the equivalent of $15 CDN/month!!).

She said that if I wanted, her housekeeper would buy a wild chicken, KILL IT, clean it, and then give it to me. Then, my co-worker and her husband would take me on a grocery shopping (to the Bazar-kelly. I've been before and the experience was an interesting one....) and help me buy everything I need to make a Malagasy-inspired soup.

I thought about going with the housekeeper to buy the chicken...but then decided against it. I do need to eat the soup in the end...and I don't think I could if I saw the chicken take it's last breath. Okay.. .that's a bit dramatic (but true!).

So, I'd be having the help of some locals to get my food, I'd be making a dish that requires boiling everything (very important - kills all of the bacteria!!), making a local/traditional dish, AND saving my reputation as the world's worst cook. All at once!!!

Sounds like the start of a pretty exciting weekend.....

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