The best A fun night of my life. Please.

I am really in need of a day, an hour, or a moment, where I’m all like, "WOW, Madagsacar is so beautiful. I’m so inspired.", "It’s such an honor and a blessing to be here". Or, "OMG, it’s so fun here. The weeks are hard but the weekends make up for it!!!"

Because right now, and for the past few weeks, Madagascar life has just been pretty dry. There have been a few outings, a few get-togethers (I’m not calling them “parties”, because “party” we did not), but nothing really…..spectacular. I still feel like I have.... a pretty perfect life. But...I'm in need of some fun. Some...inspiration. Something.

A year ago, there were at least fifteen people at any point in time just jumping to get together and socialize and celebrate being in Madagascar. Fast forward a year, and everyone is set in their own lives, their own routines, and they go on their day-to-day life just struggling to get by. For the most part, forget planning parties and outings…it’s just a struggle to get through another week here, away from family and loved ones.

I’ve talked about this to a few people, and I guess, this is how it goes in a start up project. At the beginning, everyone is so overwhelmed with the newness of everything…it’s like the first week at summer camp. Everyone is excited and outgoing and scared to be away from home and just so full of energy.

Now…everyone is tired. No more energy like before. And...having a few hundred tired people doesn’t make for great social networking.

So bring on the Halloween Party this Saturday!

Last year, I proclaimed the Halloween party as part of the best night of my life (with the exception of the day I have a child and the day that I get married (not necessarily in that order)). I’m not expecting it to be the best (or even 2nd best) night of my life, could it please, be a very fun night in my life?

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