Goat Post

It's Friday night and one of your friends recently moved into his new, gorgeous house.

Do you:
a) Stop by with a bottle of wine and a house warming gift? or,
b) Dress up a goat, put it on a long leash and leave it in his yard in the middle of the night?

I choose "b"!

Here's the goat. All dressed up and ready to go.
A note must be prepared of course.
Isn't a goat the perfect housewarming gift? What else works as a cuddle-buddy and a lawn-mower?
Here's the house. Very similar to mine, but quite a bit bigger.
An expat's driver got the goat. I can't even imagine what he is thinking!!
The dress was a little too big. Had to make some adjustments...
SMILE!! Now isn't this a great Christmas card picture??
Bye bye goat!!
I would have loved to see this guy's face when he came home!!! I haven't seen him yet, but he has NO idea who did it. (And he isn't a blog reader...)

(Disclaimer: No goats were harmed in the making of this prank.)

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