Happy Halloween

Okay, you know those ideas that you picture so good in your mind?? But that don't exactly end up looking as planned?

Well..... for Halloween, I decided to go as Smurfette.
So I bought A LOT of blue paint (which isn't that easy to find in Madagascar)...
...& a white dress and a hat made out of a pillowcase....

...& here's the result.
Not bad, right??? (& no I don't look like Avatar!!)

One guy was dressed up a pousse-pousse driver. Not the most creative costume, but a pretty clever idea!
Another was dressed up as a mummy. I was pretty impressed with this guy, I didn't expect him to dress up!!! & then there was Sergio. Oh, my. A tattoo'd crazy biker man.
A lame-ish attemp at a costume. Oh, well, I appreciated the spirit. :)
The "pumkins" added a nice touch!
The organizers did a great job, but it just seemed like people were too tired or didn't feel like coming to the party. It was a pretty low key night. (The dynamics of the expats in the past six months are a little off... Unfortunately.... I think people are really starting to feel the stress of the job... )

The best part of the night was dressing up, getting all blue, and then working hard to try and take off my costume!

It was pretty entertaining watching the bar staff. Halloween isn't celebrated here, so I'm sure they all thought we were crazy!
The only thing that the night was truly missing....was some Halloween candy!! I sure miss those little chocolate bars!!!

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