Joining the Circus

I had a conversation this week with Sergio, telling him that I was sick of being stared at.

It’s not my imagination, when I go anywhere where it’s not just expats, I’m stared at. Gawked at. Like, they stare at me like I’m a freak from the circus.

Every move is watched.

At first, it was intimidating.
Then it was annoying.
Then I stopped noticing.

But now, I notice.
And I’m tired of it.
I’m sick of being watched.

I would like to just… blend in.

That’s right, my wish, while I’m in a country filled with petite, tiny people, of a different skin color and culture, is just to blend in.

For my wish to come true, I’d have to like….get REALLY tanned, lose about…100lbs, and get some kind of surgery to lose at LEAST six inches off of my height. Actually, more than that. Probably eight or nine.

I guess the lesson of the week is to get over the crap that I can’t do anything about.

1 comment:

  1. You are right Nicole, you can't change advice....what you can change is how do you make this work for you instead of against....something to ponder?!
    You are a beautiful person in a very strange land....could you start signing a celebrity!?
    these things in our life....make us stronger!

    luv and hugs, mom