Let the Countdown Begin

I just looked atFont size the calendar today and realized that I'm leaving in less than three weeks. THREE WEEKS!! I have SOOO much stuff to do!!! And I can't beleive I'm going to Europe!!!

In less than three weeks, I fly to Paris, spend a couple of days there; then fly to Rome, spend a few days there (where I MEET UP WITH SERGIO IN ROME!!), then take the train to Naples, then a ferry to Capri, spend a couple of nights there, then take the ferry back to Naples, spend the night there, and then take a flight to Barcelona where I'll spend a few nights. AND it doesn't end there!!! My friends and I will part and I'll fly to Belgium where I'll meet up with my two bestest of friends.


First, it seems so surreal that I'm like, Going to Europe??? I never, like EVER thought I would take this kind of vacation.

We are staying in cool places, nothing terribly fancy, but nothing like ghetto either. I have no idea of the itinerary and I really don't care.

There have been oh, about eighteen changes - from who is going to where we are going.... and I think it's going to be great. I will be bringing my netbook so I'll be sure to post a few pictures whenever I can.

Speaking of pictures....I lost ALL of my pictures from the sailboat trip. I'm pretty annoyed because I had some that I wanted to blow up and frame.... grr. I've been having a very ditzy week so far...and it's only Monday.

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