Hey, how's it going?

There is this "big brother" tool that lets me see that, in the past 30 days, my blog was read:
  • 175 times from Edmonton, Canada
  • 48 times from Toamasina, MG (Crap, that means people I work with read this blog!!!)
  • 10 times from Perth, Australia
  • 11 times from La Louviere, Belgium
  • 27 times from Stanford, USA
  • 20 times from Burnaby, Canada
  • 13 times from Calgary, Canada
  • 7 times from Tana, MG

...and the list goes on and on to include SIXTY TWO cities all over the world!? (I can barely count that high never mind go on to name them all. The weirdest one I have to say is Chelyabinsk, Russia).

So...I know you're out there...&...I'm feeling a little lonely and isolated over here.

Yes, I have some friends here and Sergio....but I'm still missing my family and friends back home.

So...could ya...keep in touch with me a bit? Send me an email or something? Tell me what's new? Or just some random Canadiana updates?


I'd love to hear from you!!!

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