Ranting Day

Today’s post, is all about, complaining. And how some days, things just get to me. Today is a day to rant and complain.

  • I don’t have Facebook access at work or at my new house. Not only does this make for a very uneventful Facebook social life, but I thrive on that crappy website. How the hell am I supposed to know if Jane is going to Costco? Or if Bob is eating vegetarian chilli for supper? What if Sally post a new picture of her three cats????!! What if John sends me a Farmville request??!? These Canadian updates keep me sane!!!!
  • The power went off at work today. Why do I Care? Well, APART from it being like +34*C, I ACTUALLY have work to do. That’s right. I don’t just spend my day uploading pictures to my blog. SOME DAYS I actually work. TODAY is one of those days that I NEEDED to work, and the power is off. Which means the servers are off. AND to top it off the battery on my laptop was low. Which means effectively, that I sit in a hot office staring at black blank computer screen. This does wonders for me feeling productive and useful in a job. During a time where my productivity and usefulness is really required.
  • Madagascar has turned me into a teenage pizza face. I’ve tried like six different kinds of face soap. All the scrubs and creams and whatever. I’ve tried not wearing makeup. I’ve tried wearing MORE makeup. All that happens is that I continue to look like a 14 year old straight out of puberty. Strap a training bra and a set of braces on me and I’m all set to go.
  • People’s cell phones drive me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY. There is this one song that plays over and over and over and over again. I hear it probably one hundred times a day. It gets in my head. I WAKE UP singing the stupid song. Today, after a particularly frustrating meeting, I stormed out and asked whose cell phone was making all of this noise. The supervisor of the department told me that he would take care of it. as polite as I was *trying* to be, I don’t think I succeeded. But this song…it’s just annoying. I know…I have a $5 cell phone and don’t understand the concept of coolness at times. But what the hell??? Why do you need such an aggravating cell phone ring? Or is that your motto? To drive everyone around you BANANAS?!?!?!?!!!!!!
    After lunch, I come back. I STILL hear the phone ringing. Finally – I went and tracked down the phone, which was sitting on a desk. It is ringing and ringing and ringing. My sanity waives with each and every ring. I reach to turn the cell phone OFF. I don’t care whose phone it is. I’m turning this thing OFF. Except I can’t figure HOW to because it’s locked. DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!! I take deep cleansing breaths and calmy (through my teeth) tell the person sitting at the next desk that the phone is very disruptive to the rest of the building and will she please inform the cell phone owner that the ring should be turned down. We shall see what happens tomorrow.

....Stayed tuned to see if my next post is from the Malagasy Institute for the Criminally Insane…

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  1. Wow! You are having a bad day. Try and remember that this to shall pass. Hang in there kiddo.Love G&G xxoo