Sail Away

I had a great day sailing on Sunday, but I soooo disappointingly lost ALL of my pictures! I still can’t figure out what I did but I’m completely bummed out about it.

I didn’t want to miss the chance to blog about it, so I’ve put together a compilation of photos to the best of my abilities.....

The day started out with us arriving at the port, which was super hard to get into. NOT! This is a customs area and we didn’t have to show ID or anything. We just said, Hey, we’re here to catch a boat. This surprised my Cuban friend – where she’s experienced JUST a little different…

There were 8 of us in total
(From left to right): 2 Jamaican expats, 1 Canadian expat, 1 French (France) retiree with a sailboat, 1 me (wearing a funny hat), 1 Sergio, 1 Cuban Expat, 1 Swiss expat with eyebrows that could house small animals.
Oh, and I can’t forget the Malagasy deckhand, pictured below deck (and his name...was ACTUALLY Sergio....)

We sailed for about two hours (maybe?) and slowed down as we approached Ile de Sable (sand island).
It was at this point….that I really didn’t start to feel good…
Luckily, I DID NOT get sick….and I found it a little confusing why I was seasick when I’ve never been before. I’ve been on boats where guys were puking…and I’ve felt nothing. Hm. Weird.

Anyway, we started to prepare to get off the boat. We were taking a little dingy boat that had a motor. The boat could fit three people each trip. It was a little tough getting to the island…and the motor died about…fifty times.

It did feel little weird being in such a little boat….on the ocean. An aerial view would look like this: Yeah. Thankfully the waves were calm.

I was pretty happy to get off the little boat and onto the island. But I wasn’t safe yet. The island is basically ONLY dead corals.

Try walking on dead corals and seashells.


I managed to walk a bit, but the cries of Sergio could be heard all the way in Australia.
Luckily he had brought his phone with him and he called the captain and asked him to bring our shoes over. We were all pretty relived when they got there.
The island was about five hundred metres in diameter and was obviously used by some local fisherman, as they had these little tents set up there.

We spent the next couple of ours eating our picnic lunches and collecting sea shells and dead coral. There were SO many that we ended up filling an entire cooler full! Not sure they’ll be allowed to leave Madagascar, but in the mean time, we have some pretty awesome decorations for our house.
We got back on the little boat and then set sail for home.
A couple hours later….the captain realized the winds were not cooperating, so we didn’t get back until after dark!

It made for a tricky port-ing (?? or is it docking?? I don't know).

We all had a great time. Even those that forgot to put on sunscreen!!!
Another great Sunday!!!

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