Salvaged Pics

I was sent some pictures from our sailboat trip so I thought I'd put them up, in spite of how awesome my drawings were.

Here's me ready to take off. I look the part with the Gilligan hat, I think. The beautiful boat. Here's me...thinking about getting sea sick....wasn't feeling so hot...
But I felt good enough to go in the dingy towards the island.
Felt great to be on land for a few hours!
Although I don't think Sergio agreed....he had a hard time walking on the coral.
Of course, being sympathetic, the rest of us took pictures and made fun of him. :)
After a few hours, it was time to get back on the boat. This time no sea sickness!
Still can't beleive I lost all my great pics! :(

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  1. How fun! I always worry that I'll be ridiculously seasick on a trip like that. I wouldn't even go for the family day sails with the ex on his gigantic Navy ships!