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Princess Spider Killer

The night before I left for vacation, Sergio woke me up. There was a spider the size of A FREAKIN COFFEE CUP on our bedroom floor. I am blind as hell and I could see this thing clear as day withouth my glasses on….

He went and got the can of RAID, tried to spray it, but it ran away. And he couldn’t find it.

Since I’m all tough (and I was really exhausted) I just went back to sleep and thought nothing of it, until he told me the story again the next morning.

Later that afternoon, I was packing, and I see this flash dart before my eyes. I look up, and there in the bathroom, is the biggest spider I have seen. This spider is something out of a horror movie. It’s hairy and big and HUGE. I want it dead. Now.

It’s far too big to kill with a shoe (and I’m too scared to get that close to it) so I go and grab the can of RAID and start spraying. Normally, RAID works within seconds and all should be good and dead…. But it didn’t even phase this guy for at least ten seconds.

I continued spraying.


Almost back home

It's Saturday & I've been travelling for roughly two days. Two trains from Belgium to France, one flight from Paris to Reunion, & then one flight from Reunion to Madagascar. Even though I'm travelling roughly half the distance that I would have if I had travelled back from Canada, it feels like a llooooooonnnnng time to be on trains, planes, & automobiles. & I'm up for my most hated flight yet. The next flight only has about 35ish seats, but it has horrible service, is massively cramped, & is usually made up of approx 80% people with some pretty ripe body odor.

But, on a positive note, what an incredible three weeks I've had. I've been in four different countries, six cities (I think?), and spoken three different languages (I spoke a bit of Spanish before and was able to pick up a tiny bit of Italian. I must go back to Italy).

& I'm sort of looking forward to going back to MG? It sounds so weird... I had one sort-of breakdown on vaca…

My blog should be called “All the countries I’ve cried in”...

Canada, United States, Mexico, Madagascar, Australia, South Africa, France, Botswana.

And now I can add “Spain” to the list.

I went with my friends to the airport this afternoon. Their flight was a few hours earlier than mine, so I was waiting for them at the check in. I was planning on saying goodbye to them at security….but I started to feel the tears coming on. To save face…I told them that I suck at goodbyes, and that I’d just say goodbye here. Good plan, but it didn’t work. Instead of crying at security, I just cried in front of the check in. I guess…for me…saying goodbye is hard to do no matter where I am in the world. I had a great visit with my friends, but saying goodbye always makes me think about the life that I used to have back in Canada. My life now is great, but it’s different. And hard sometimes.

As soon as I could, I went to check in and then fell asleep in the Air France lounge. Last night I couldn’t sleep so my pal and I stayed up watching a cheesey Queen Latifah mo…

MG News Update

Hungover in Barcelona

Well...I managed to stay up until 04h00...and am now paying the price. Kind of wasting my last day in Barcelona being hungover, but I don't think Spain was ever my thing. I was always about Italy. The culture, the food, the history....the food...(the food!!!).. it was my most favorite country.

Tomorrow, off to Belgium. A plane, two trains, and a car ride, and then I'll be staying with my BFF for a week!! WOO HOO!!!

Barcelona Club Hoppin'

So...back in the day...I used to be quite the partier. So...when my friends heard I was going to Spain, they thought that I'd come back tatooed, pierced, and have all the bruises to prove what a crazy time I had (ask me about the shopping cart incident....I still have the scar)...

Instead...I've been touring basillicas and museams. AND heading to bed by 22h00. (Okay, 21h00...but I've been awake until 22h00, I'm sure of it!!).

But tonight...I'm putting away my granny panties and trying to bring back and hittin' the clubs. The night clubs don't even OPEN until 2h00...and we aren't eating supper until about I best be bringin' my party monster....or at least a lesser version of it.

Whoever comes out....tomorrow is going to hurt.


Yesterday we all took the Metro to the train station and then got on the train to Naples (after getting on the wrong train three different times!). The ride was uneventful and pretty nice!

The train took about two hours to get to Naples. When we got off the train we had really helpful taxi drivers that helped us find where we needed to go. Although...the taxi ride...well, it was interesting. They drive here like they drive in MG. No road rules. Except in MG, there is about 1/10 of the number of cars. I couldn't help but noticing the five or six Mother Mary and Christ statues in this taxi driver's car. I think he needed at least four more the way that he was driving...

Luckily, we made it safe over to the ferry, and took a speed boat for about 40 minutes to the island of Capri. of my friends got pretty sick on the boat, but she was a trooper.

When we were off the boat, we had to take a taxi cab to the farthest stop possible. I guess there are no cars and no …

Lost in Rome

Last week was lost in Paris, this week, lost in Rome. I think I have been lost about a hundred and forty times in the last two days.


How can a tomato and a mushroom rock my world so much???? I have NO idea!!! But they did. And my pizza??! At one point, I proclaimed that I was going to make love to my pizza. It was THAT fantastic.

This afternooon I had a cup of nutella gelato and it also rocked my world. It was so good I wanted to have a cigarette after eating it. It was just that incredible.

But there is more than just food in Italy (and here's hoping that I come back to MG the same weight that I left...), there is INCREDIBLE, amazing history. Yesterday we went to a tour of ancient rome that blew my mind, and today I went for a tour of the Vatican City (which didn't blow my mind but was still interesting).


Fly by Post

Bonjour. Voici quelques photo de mes vacance!

Hello! Here are a few pictures of my holiday!

At Versailles
At Galeries Lafeyette....where everything is crazy expensive!!
At a Sherwood Bar, enjoying the best mojito of my life!!!
Fauchon....*drool*... This is the most amazing "grocery" store ever!!!
At the 2nd level of the Eiffel Tower And at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower.
Au revoir, Paris!! A la prochaine!!
Goodbye Paris!! See you next time!!

Cold & Wet!

Paris so far has been COLD and; very WET!!! I've had an awesome time though.

The three of us have been to Versailles, (of course) the Eiffel tower, & the Basillica Sacre Coeur, just to name a few. Paris is so rich in history, but (not to my liking) is very rich is tourists too. Everywhere we go it's just a mess with people. I think Versailles was THE WORST!!

I'm having some camera troubles, but I'll post some pictures up soon!!

Tomorrow is our last day in Paris, and then off to Rome!!

En route

I don't have a lot to say, but it seems like I always post from the Reunion business lounge & I don't want to break tradition.

So, while I sit in the Reunion airport, doing what I do best in Reunion (drinking champagne), I thought I'd put up a little post.

As far as updates go, I have like NOTHING....which is not normal. I usually have some kind of (possibly self-created) drama to update on, but really, I got nadda.

In a short...uhhh 11 hours, I'm going to meet two of my pals in Paris! The crappy part is that I get there at 5h30....soooo early... but after that, it should be smooth sailing. Or smooth vacationning. (If anyone has any go to restaurants in Paris, please suggest them!!)

See you soon from Paris!