Barcelona Club Hoppin'

So...back in the day...I used to be quite the partier. So...when my friends heard I was going to Spain, they thought that I'd come back tatooed, pierced, and have all the bruises to prove what a crazy time I had (ask me about the shopping cart incident....I still have the scar)...

Instead...I've been touring basillicas and museams. AND heading to bed by 22h00. (Okay, 21h00...but I've been awake until 22h00, I'm sure of it!!).

But tonight...I'm putting away my granny panties and trying to bring back and hittin' the clubs. The night clubs don't even OPEN until 2h00...and we aren't eating supper until about I best be bringin' my party monster....or at least a lesser version of it.

Whoever comes out....tomorrow is going to hurt.

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