Yesterday we all took the Metro to the train station and then got on the train to Naples (after getting on the wrong train three different times!). The ride was uneventful and pretty nice!

The train took about two hours to get to Naples. When we got off the train we had really helpful taxi drivers that helped us find where we needed to go. Although...the taxi ride...well, it was interesting. They drive here like they drive in MG. No road rules. Except in MG, there is about 1/10 of the number of cars. I couldn't help but noticing the five or six Mother Mary and Christ statues in this taxi driver's car. I think he needed at least four more the way that he was driving...

Luckily, we made it safe over to the ferry, and took a speed boat for about 40 minutes to the island of Capri. of my friends got pretty sick on the boat, but she was a trooper.

When we were off the boat, we had to take a taxi cab to the farthest stop possible. I guess there are no cars and no scooters allowed on most of the island. So we had to walk about ten minutes (with all of our bags - this time I was so happy to have a backpack and not a suitcase!) to our hotel. The taxi ride this time was a lot calmer, but I do think he tried to rip us off. He told us 25 EUR, but I (proudly) had this bright idea to tell him that someone told me that it would only cost us 15 EUR. He agreed (which meant that he was proabably still riping us off!!) and took us to the farthest point possible.

All that matters is that we got safe to our AMAZING hotel!! I can't WAIT to post pictures of the hotel! It's SO cute and SO nice and has amazing views! We went for supper last night in the CUTEST restaurant, had more GREAT food, and then went to bed with bellies full of pizza and wine. Ahhhhh...

I woke up this morning, had breakfast, and now am just trying to decide how I'll spend a lazy day in Capri. It's been so much touring around and go-go-going that I kind of just want to take the day off!! It's a shame to not see every square foot of this beautiful island, but I think today I'll just be resting and might be so exciting and do a load of laundry! Ahh, the life!!


  1. Doesn't the song say the Island of Capri is all about finding love? Good luck with that guys. Enjoy the reswt of your holiday. Love G&Gxxoo


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