En route

I don't have a lot to say, but it seems like I always post from the Reunion business lounge & I don't want to break tradition.

So, while I sit in the Reunion airport, doing what I do best in Reunion (drinking champagne), I thought I'd put up a little post.

As far as updates go, I have like NOTHING....which is not normal. I usually have some kind of (possibly self-created) drama to update on, but really, I got nadda.

In a short...uhhh 11 hours, I'm going to meet two of my pals in Paris! The crappy part is that I get there at 5h30....soooo early... but after that, it should be smooth sailing. Or smooth vacationning. (If anyone has any go to restaurants in Paris, please suggest them!!)

See you soon from Paris!

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