Last Sunday before Vacation!!!

Okay, my Saturday wasn't as fun as I had hoped it to be....but my Sunday definetly made up for it!!

I slept in, walked over to a neighbours for a coffee & baileys, & then asked Sergio to take me for a drive in town.

It had been awhile since I'd just been in town for no reason.... I love this sign.

It usually has meat hanging in the window all day. I'm not sure if it's an advertisement or an anti-advertisement for the "very cheap beef".
Sunday was a pretty busy day in town! Sergio had to do lots of honking and swerving around the pousse-pousses. We stopped at a restaurant for a Fanta. Sergio was brave enough to eat there....I refrained. The last time I was there I got mega sick. I always love watching the little kids here, they are SO adorable!! Enjoying a refreshing orange pop. Yum.

Here's me laughing....(or trying to make myself laugh so that I don't have my signature "fake" camera smile). After our drinks, we went for a walk on the beach.
I'm not sure what these little girls are doing....But it just proves that girls will just be girls.... no matter where you are in the world!
The ocean is getting very warm! In a few months it won't even feel cool to the skin.
Tourist-shot. Of course. This was some kind of scary looking bug. I wish I got a better picture! On the way home we saw some very cheap beef going to the slaughter house (I found out yesterday that a zebu starts at about $250CDN each). Then it was back to camp to go the pool. In part to get the rest of my Halloween costume off.
The water is already heating up so much that it's almost warmer than the air!
Any Sunday that ends up in the pool is a good one.

Not pictured: having supper outside (ending with a caramel Sunday) and then falling asleep watching a funny Will Farrel movie in bed.

Ahhh.....a great way to spend my LAST SUNDAY before vacation!!!!


  1. I love the photos you have been posted here....the place is really great for vacation

  2. wow, great blog. I love hearing about other peoples experiences. Good luck with your travels and I will be stopping back to check out your other experiences.