My blog should be called “All the countries I’ve cried in”...

Canada, United States, Mexico, Madagascar, Australia, South Africa, France, Botswana.

And now I can add “Spain” to the list.

I went with my friends to the airport this afternoon. Their flight was a few hours earlier than mine, so I was waiting for them at the check in. I was planning on saying goodbye to them at security….but I started to feel the tears coming on. To save face…I told them that I suck at goodbyes, and that I’d just say goodbye here. Good plan, but it didn’t work. Instead of crying at security, I just cried in front of the check in. I guess…for me…saying goodbye is hard to do no matter where I am in the world. I had a great visit with my friends, but saying goodbye always makes me think about the life that I used to have back in Canada. My life now is great, but it’s different. And hard sometimes.

As soon as I could, I went to check in and then fell asleep in the Air France lounge. Last night I couldn’t sleep so my pal and I stayed up watching a cheesey Queen Latifah movie. I miss my Canadian friends and it was a great way to end the vacation, but I’m mega tired today.
A short flight later, I arrived in Paris, then frantically tried to find my spot on the train to Ille Europe – which I THINK is in Belgium. I’m not exactly certain what country I’m in right now?

All I know is I had to walk to a different train station which is now called Ille Flandres and in about an hour I should be arriving in Mons, where my BEST friend and her family live.

While I was getting off the first train, I saw lots of people being reunited. A lot of smile, a lot of hugging….and since I’m a wuss, I almost started to cry AGAIN. Geez…I never stop sometimes. As my Queen-Latifah-movie-watching-friend likes to always tell me, I must have the tear ducts of a 95 year old from all of the tears that I’ve cried.

Anyway, I’m so happy to see my girls that I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to add Belgium to the list of countries that I’ve cried in….quite the accomplishment…

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