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Best Wishes to Everyone in 2011

It's just after supper and I'm sitting in my pyjamas (it's been one of those mega relaxing holiday-days) and just about to hop in the shower. Another couple is coming over to my friend's house and we are having a night in. Of course, I bought myself some super nice champagne (hopefully to drink all to myself!!! :P)

I'm not in a particularly reflective mood right now....but if I think about it, 2010 has been an awesome year. I've had some amazing travels around the world, I've had some great people come into my life, I've managed to get through twelve months of living a one of a kind lifestyle.....2010 has been pretty good to me!!

So Happy New Year Everyone!!!

(Oh...and tomorrow I'll post pictures from my chocolate tour in Brussels....just looking at the pictures makes me excited all over again!! It was an amazing day!!!)

Winter in Belgium

As a Canadian, I'm embarrased to admit -4*C....I am very, very cold. Madagascar has turned me into a wimp!
I spent the day in downtown Mons, Belgium. Shopping, walking around, and even a quick stop at McDonalds. No trip to Europe is complete withouth a stop at McDonalds!!!
Then it was time for skating! My favorite little four-year old is just learning how to skate, she did a pretty good job, but was fed up after about fifteen minutes. And was I.
I LOVE that I get to experience winter, but I was f-f-f-f-rrreezzzing!!!!

I know people, grace, pure grace. I should go pro.

Not sure what's on tap for tomorrow...but on Wednesday, it's off to Brussels for a CHOCOLATE TOUR. That's right - A CHOCOLATE TOUR IN BELGIUM. Elastic-waist pants will be worn.

Joyeux Noel

I tried to write this in the Reunion airport, like I always do, but I lost Wi-Fi. :(

Freaking France and their unreliable Wi-Fi! So I’m writing it on the plane, after a few glasses of champagne and Bordeaux and feeling very full after my Christmas dinner.

Last night, I made a quick post on Christmas eve, and I was just about to go to an expat celebration. It was SO FUN. Yes, there may have been a few moments where I thought about tearing up, but for the most part, I just had a complete blast. There was just laughing, eating, drinking, and dancing. It was like a real live Christmas Eve Party. Sergio and I even brought over a decorated Christmas tree, and the movie, "Merry Madagacar" was even playing in the background.

Early on in the night....I realized that the world would not stop turning if I didn’t spend Christmas with my family. See….at times I’m a self involved only child and I think the world revolves around me. These last two weeks, in my mind, I couldn’t understand how …

Christmas Eve Smiles

This Christmas Eve, I've received the following smiles:

1. The local staff that had to work today - when I passed around my homemade sugar cookies (wow, were they ever appreciated!!).
2. The security guards at the main gate - that each got an ice cold Fanta (it's +41*C with humidity here).
3. Sergio's driver - that received enough money from us to take his wife and children to travel to visit with the rest of the family for Christmas.
4. Sergio's driver again - when I told him that the two gifts in the backseat of the truck were for his two children.
5. Sergio - when I told him that I finally tracked down some Campari, an ingredient to make his favorite drink. This meant that I had to visit the local bar and plead with my saddest face ever for them to sell me their last bottle.
6. My assistant - that received a very small gift from me (this fancy ass lip gloss).
7. The security guards in the village - that each received a Twix chocolate bar as I passed them on my run.
8. My fr…

Christmas Eve Prep


Out of all the places that I went to on my France-Italy-Spain Vaca, I think Naples was my favorite. Unfortunately, I only had a day and a half in Naples, and it wasn’t enough time for me AT ALL!!! The city wasn’t particularly clean, I didn’t visit any real historic sites, I didn’t spend a lot of time there, but man, did I LOVE IT!!!

Founded in the 9th-8th century BC as a Greek colony, which was originally named Παρθενόπη Parthenope and later Νεάπολις Neápolis (New City), Naples is one of the oldest cities in the world. It was among the foremost cities of Magna Graecia, playing a key role in the transmission of Greek culture to Roman society. Naples eventually became part of the Roman Republic as a major cultural center; the premiere Latin poet, Virgil, received part of his education there and later resided in its environs. As a microcosm of European history, Naples has seen several civilizations come and go, each leaving traces in its art and architecture. The most prominent forms of …

Santa and Me

So…just like I thought it would, the sun did, in fact, come out today. Yesterday was a very low day for me. They still happen now and again….and I guess I should be a bit more flexible and remember that this time of year emotions run high.

Today wasn’t perfect….but I’ve written many times before, perfect would be boring. Oh, and I didn't cry? That's a plus right??? :)

I'm happy to say I’m feeling better today.

Maybe....Santa heard my wish....and thought I deserved a better day as an early Christmas present..... for being such a good girl this year.

(Oh…and thank you to those that wrote me a quick email. And just for the record, if you read the comments section yesterday, I’ve already called my grandparents and they are doing okay and didn’t cry themselves to sleep or anything. :P)

Great Weekend, Crappy Monday

I officially had a great weekend. Not to say that the last few weekends, but this weekend, was a blast.

Friday night started off with a great run, then baking like....five dozen more sugar cookies (by the way, running and baking sugar cookies is totally counter productive...), and then getting a good night's sleep.

Saturday night we had reservations at a new restaurant. It was a very dear friend's birthday, and Sergio and I had organized an impromptu surprise party at the restaurant. The birthday boy was surprised, loved his little gifts (I had found something for him in Paris that I was dying to give him!!) and we had a great night!!!
Although...I may have had a few too many Ti-punches (prounched TEE-POOUNCH). They were tasting soooo good and I was sooo thirsty....and it had been a long, emotional week. So the drinks kept flowing. Ti-punch is like a really good lemonade....but with rum, of course.

I was a bit apprehensive at first about Saturday night - there were about ten or t…

Copious Camera Captures of Capri

After a good night's sleep and seeing the Trevi fountain it was off to Capri.

For those that don't know, Capri is an island. To get there, we had to take the train from Rome to Naples (my favorite place!!) and then a ferry from Naples to Capri.

It was a bit difficult taking the train....since the four of us had an enormous amount of freaking luggage!!! But soon enough (okay, not really soon enough, I got on four different cars before I found the right one. I still can't figure out how to find my seat on a train!!!) we were on the road. Or...on the tracks? Once at the Naples train station, we were greeted with like at least three or four SUPER helpful cabdrivers. I kept thinking that they were after something.....they just seemed too nice!! The fair was reasonable, they helped us with our luggage, and managed to get us to the port in one peice. Okay... JUST BARELY managed to get us there in one peice. I have never seen anything crazier than Naples drivers....
Sixty four Eur…