Becoming one....with the jungle....

Are you getting sick of all of my European Vacation posts? I’m trying to not go overboard....which isn't easy since I have about fourteen thousand pictures... But just as a heads up, you can expect….four more I think….one from Naples, two Spain posts, and then maybe a Belgium post. And then that’s it.

In the meantime, here’s your regularly scheduled, “I live in Madagascar and use that an excuse to publish my random thoughts and musings” post.

Here are, in no particular order, some reasons that I have come to realize that I am becoming, in part, jungle/bush lady.

I’ll warn you know, some of them are a bit gross, so please, just....don’t judge. :P

  • I often leave my toothbrush (accidentally) face down on the counter top. Remember I’m living in Madagascar.
  • I haven’t plucked my eyebrows in about six months. I shave the middle part now and again so that I don’t have a unibrow. (When I lived in Canada I’d get my nails done and eyebrows shaped every three weeks.)
  • Some days, I walk home and it’s so dark in some spots that I have to hold on to these ropes on the side of the pathway so that I know where to go (they are fixing this). (In Canada, I was so scared of the dark, I slept with a nightlight. I bought those Glade Plug In ones so that I didn’t have to feel like such a baby).
  • I drink out of the same coffee cup six days a week, but only ever rinse it. every so often one of the housekeepers gives it a thorough washing, but for the most part, it just gets rinsed and it’s kind of brown and gross. I think it adds something to the coffee flavor.
  • I haven’t had a pedicure since August. (I lack the ability to paint my toenails without it looking like a four year old did it so they stay plain unless Sergio paints them).
  • I haven’t blow-dried my hair since August. I did however, style it once last week for our Christmas party. Most days I just brush it and walk out the door. On special days I put in some leave in conditionner.
  • In my house, I get so many bugs (like big ones) that I sometimes just drop a shoe on them and leave them for the maid to clean up. This is pretty mean of me, but I just get fed up of them. (I tip the cleaning lady very well.) Okay. Maybe this fits into the "princess" category rather than the "jungle-lady" category.
  • My advent calendar looks more like a prison countdown calendar. Instead of a chocolate each day, I take a red marker and cross off the prior day. And still….this excites me every morning.
  • I choose to golf in bare feet. This does not help my lack of pedicure issue.
  • If I find a bug on my food, I will pick off the bug and continue to eat my meal. (Unless it is like a really, really gross bug)
  • I wear sandals to work, but because it’s very dusty, my feet get kind of dirty. It’s a yucky feeling. Every morning and every lunch, I go into the bathroom, take off my shoes, and put each foot in the sink and rinse it off. Meanwhile, people come in, see me doing this, and think that I am probably crazy.
  • I found baking powder at our local grocery store and nearly had to be escorted out of the store because I was so excited. I looked for baking powder for about two months!
  • I prefer wearing dresses to work because I can then just roll out of bed and I don’t have to be concerned about the top matching with the bottom. And then I figure it makes up for my lack of makeup/hair efforts
  • All of my clothes that were once white are now off-white because of the water here.
    Some of my clothes have holes in them or are missing buttons. Sometimes I get the holes fixed by local seamstress, other times I just let them go.
  • I talk about shaving my legs probably every second day, but manage to actually do it about once every two months. I am very thankful to have blonde leg hair. (Is that too much information? I don’t care).
  • I brush my teeth with tap water. Maybe I’d puke less and get sick less if I used bottled water but I also figure it’s good for my immune system.
  • I run outside (post to come about that soon!) in 30*C/86*F (with humidity it’s 41*C/106*F) and then don’t have a shower before going to bed.
  • I have started buying shampoo that you buy at the local store instead of a salon. (OMG).
  • From the months of December to March, I smell like mosquito spray (I don’t take any anti-malarial medication) and I kind of like it.
  • I don’t put on my wrinkle cream every night. I really should because I’m in the sun all the time now and don’t wear sunscreen. (What the hell is wrong with me!!?! I used to be the sunscreen police!!!)
  • I don’t always shower on Sundays. Or brush my hair. Hats are magical things.

There. Is that more of a normal thing to see on my blog? All that's missing is a list of reasons I've cried in the last week and it would pretty much be business as usual. :P

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