Best Wishes to Everyone in 2011

It's just after supper and I'm sitting in my pyjamas (it's been one of those mega relaxing holiday-days) and just about to hop in the shower. Another couple is coming over to my friend's house and we are having a night in. Of course, I bought myself some super nice champagne (hopefully to drink all to myself!!! :P)

I'm not in a particularly reflective mood right now....but if I think about it, 2010 has been an awesome year. I've had some amazing travels around the world, I've had some great people come into my life, I've managed to get through twelve months of living a one of a kind lifestyle.....2010 has been pretty good to me!!

So Happy New Year Everyone!!!

(Oh...and tomorrow I'll post pictures from my chocolate tour in Brussels....just looking at the pictures makes me excited all over again!! It was an amazing day!!!)

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  1. Happy New Year everyone in Belgium. Party hard and enjoy the last night of 2010 Love G@Gxxoo