Bonjourno from Ancient Roma!

Ahhh!!! Roma!!!!

We last left off when we were in Paris.

We flew to Rome from Paris (using EasyJet. Will NEVER use them again. It's the worst airline EVER!! I'm all for a deal but the service was disgusting.) and arrived around suppertime. We jumped in a cab....and through a mixture of English, Spanish, and French somehow got the message across to the taxi driver about where we had to go. And we also had a conversation about numbers in Italian. It was pretty confusing.... but we got there.

We arrived at this hotel (picture taken in daylight).
And I sampled a roma tomato from the bruschetta. Amazing. How can a simple tomato taste so wonderful? It's really a mistery. OH....and to top it off? Prosecco. Bubbly...light...fruity...mmmmmmmm..After all this wonderful, amazing, orgasmic food and drink, I was tired. Ready to head to the hotel to my lovely (ick) bed....

He immediately warned us to leave our passports in the room (that didn't have a safe) at all times because its too dangerous and we were highly at risk of being pick pocketed…Hm. Comforting.
Old-man-Bed&Breakfast wasn't exactly the most happiest of hoteliers either... he was kind of cranky. It wasn't the nicest place I've ever stayed (nor was it the worst...)
After checking in (and leaving our passports) we were starving. We had no clue where we were, it was dark, so we just walked towards the first restaurant we saw....Where I had....AN EXPERIENCE. Okay. Here goes. This pizza....I don't want to get too graphic here, but if it was possible to make out with a pizza...I would have. I wanted to be alone with it. I wanted to marry it. I wanted it to father my children. Am I doing a good enough discription of how amazing this pizza was? It was....well...I'd like to say amazing, but the defintion of amazing doesn't even do it justice. It was....LIFE CHANGING. (I sometimes cry myself to sleep at night when I think about it. I miss it so much.)
Juuussttttt one more glass.... We were up early the next morning for a tour of ancient rome. I don't want to bore you with facts, facts, and more facts (and I can't remember like HALF of what I learned. Thanks Prosecco), but I'll include a few here and there.
First up, the Colosseum (that is a really hard word to spell for me and I had to look it up...). The Colosseum was used to host gladiatorial shows and a bunch of other events. The shows were put on my private individuals, rather than the state. They had a strong religious element but were also demonstrations of power and family prestige, and were mega popular with everyone. Other events were animal hunts! A stage would be set up to resemble Africa or the Middle East and there would be a bunch of animals to kill: rhinoceros, hippopotamuses, elephants, giraffes, aurochs, wisents, barbary lions, panthers, leopards, bears, caspian tigers, crocodiles and ostriches. Kind of makes me wonder how they got there? It's not exactly like their had cargo frieghters back in the day....
One Roman Emperor (Trajan) is said to have celebrated his victories in Dacia in 107 with contests involving 11,000 animals and 10,000 gladiators over the course of 123 days. Party! The seating was assigned by class. Servants had to sit way, way, way up in the nosebleeds....along with....GET THIS....all of the women. Even the most prestigious woman was not able to sit with her husband. She had to sit with one of the local slaves. Rumour has it that this created a few love triangles.... And this? Looks like a cross right? Nope. It was actually a mark left by a lead pipe, used for water. Another use for lead? Making lead barrels that contained wine.
So let's just think about this for a minute....they drink their water out of lead pipes....and then drink their wine from lead barrels??
It was said that at this point in time, the Romans made some pretty weird decisions and started acting a little crazy. CAUSE THAT'S WHAT LEAD POISONING DOES TO YOU!!
One examples of the lead poisonning is below. Most writing in the colosseum is very straight and perfect. But I guesss it's hard to keep your writing perfect when you're suffering from lead poisoning and a little crazy....
Next in the tour was the Roman Forum, which is the OLDEST part of Rome. The forum was originally a market, then became a place where citizens could speak their minds and complain, and then became more and more for governmental and legislative grounds.
One thing that was crazy cool to see was how Rome was built (not in a day. Haha...). With each collapse of the Empire or city, they just built on top of it. At one view of the city, you can literally see layer upon layer upon layer of cities. So cool.
Oo. Up next my favorite story. There was a Trojan prince that was a grandson of a Latin King. The prince's mean-ass brother booted him from the throne. Meanwhile, the ex-Trojan prince's daugther got raped and impregnated by the God of Mars. Who, gave birth to twins. Because the babby daddy was Mars, they were considered half devine. The ex-Trojan prince's bro was worried that they would take over their thrown, so he had them put in a basket down by the river and they were expected to drown. The twins' names were Romulus and Remus. Sound familiar?
A she-wolf (I'm serious) found, saved and raised them, and when they were old enough, they returned the throne.
The twins then founded their own city, but Romulus killed Remus in a fight over which one of them would reign as the King of Rome, though some sources state the battle was about who was going to give their name to the city. Romulus became the source of the city's name. To bring more people into the city of Rome, Romulus decided to welcome the indigent, exiled, and unwanted. This caused a problem for Rome which became rich in manpower but was bereft of women.
Romulus traveled to the neighboring towns and tribes and attempted to secure marriage rights but as Rome was so full of undesirables they all refused. Legend says that the Latins invited the Sabines to a festival and stole their unmarried maidens, leading to the integration of the Latins and the Sabines. A few hours later, the tour was over (we had an awesome, awesome guide. I used Dark Rome Tours and they ROCKED!!) and we were hungry. We were recommended a little hole in the wall so off we went. My first real Italian pasta!!! It was amazing. But not pizza amazing.
And then...urgh. It was time to hunt for a battery for my camera. I had purchased a new smaller camera in Paris, and it didn't come with a battery. We searched and we searched and we got lost unmpteen times....and finally we gave up.
And it was then I decided I needed a drink.
Or two?? It seemed like just a few minutes....but all of a sudden it was hours later and...we were tipsy. And all really had to pee. My travelling friends didn't want to use the bar toilet because it was digusting (as were most toilets in Italy). Since I am now like the expert of gross toilets, I gave a demonstration on just how to have the perfect pee, stay far away from the toilet, and make sure that NO pee gets on your pants/person.
Graceful yes? Just chalk it up to another education experience I learned in Madagascar! The night ended pretty soon after this.
After the pee demostration, we took a train back, but after all of the Prosecco I had...I could somehow magically speak Italian, which really helped us figure out how to get back to the hotel. In one peice....dreaming of that pizza.....

It's actually a Bed & Breakfast and is taken care of a 113 year old man (I think, at least).

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