Christmas Eve Smiles

This Christmas Eve, I've received the following smiles:

1. The local staff that had to work today - when I passed around my homemade sugar cookies (wow, were they ever appreciated!!).
2. The security guards at the main gate - that each got an ice cold Fanta (it's +41*C with humidity here).
3. Sergio's driver - that received enough money from us to take his wife and children to travel to visit with the rest of the family for Christmas.
4. Sergio's driver again - when I told him that the two gifts in the backseat of the truck were for his two children.
5. Sergio - when I told him that I finally tracked down some Campari, an ingredient to make his favorite drink. This meant that I had to visit the local bar and plead with my saddest face ever for them to sell me their last bottle.
6. My assistant - that received a very small gift from me (this fancy ass lip gloss).
7. The security guards in the village - that each received a Twix chocolate bar as I passed them on my run.
8. My friends - as I head over to an Expat's house tonight to toast Christmas Eve in Madagascar. We are a long, long way from home tonight, so we appreciate each other even more.
9. Myself (although I don't think you can smile at yourself??) - As I drink a glass of coke, with ice, and the local rum, while listening to the ocean.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!!! Will be thinking of you all. :)


  1. Sweetie, you have a smile from me too! so add that to your list. Love and hugs to you, Sergio and all your expat friends away from their families.

    love, mom


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