Copious Camera Captures of Capri

After a good night's sleep and seeing the Trevi fountain it was off to Capri.

For those that don't know, Capri is an island. To get there, we had to take the train from Rome to Naples (my favorite place!!) and then a ferry from Naples to Capri.

It was a bit difficult taking the train....since the four of us had an enormous amount of freaking luggage!!! But soon enough (okay, not really soon enough, I got on four different cars before I found the right one. I still can't figure out how to find my seat on a train!!!) we were on the road. Or...on the tracks? Once at the Naples train station, we were greeted with like at least three or four SUPER helpful cabdrivers. I kept thinking that they were after something.....they just seemed too nice!! The fair was reasonable, they helped us with our luggage, and managed to get us to the port in one peice. Okay... JUST BARELY managed to get us there in one peice. I have never seen anything crazier than Naples drivers....
Sixty four Euros later (for the four of us) and we were on the ferry. Which, just so you know, has a strict no gun policy. ??
Leaving the port of Naples
I'm lovin' the windblown savage hair look! Welcome to Capri!! Most of Capri is inaccesible by any kind of scooter or motor vehicle, so we had to follow maps like these (painted on tiles) and carry our thirteen hundred pounds of luggage with us to the hotel.
A fifteen minute walk up some rolling hills and we were there. After the last place we stayed at in Rome, this hotel was AMAZING!!! And Sergio and I even got a room upgrade for free because it's off season!
Our hotel had a wonderful patio with a great view. (Although I think it's impossible to be anywhere in Capri without a great view...)
The hotel recommended a restaurant for us, Bucca Di Bocca. Sounded pretty cool but we were a bit confused how to get there. Most of the streets are narrow and almost maze-like. But finally we made it!!
It was such a cute little place with great ambiance.
But most importantly.....AMAZING FOOD and great wine. There was a mix up and we ordered white wine instead of red (silly us....thinking we spoke Italian....) but once that was resolved I had this....I don't a cross between a calzone and... well....some kind of calzone type thing to enjoy with some great wine. Yes, it deserves shots from two different angles. This baby was filled with spinach, ricotta, tomatoes, spicy meat, mozzarella cheese, and topped with fresh basil. Not quite as great as my experience in Rome, but it came pretty close!
The next day we slept in and then just walked around, taking pictures, enjoying the scenery. Annoyingly (yes, a word) I was having a cranky few hours. I was tired and just wanted to be lazy. But... I was only in Capri for two days...and didn't want to waste them napping... So...for some of the day, I just didn't appreciate Capri as I should have... too bad.

Moving on, here are some pictures taken while walking prepared....there are many!
We were walking around and somehow got seperated. I wandered into one of the few shops that was open (it's low season right now in Capri). Sergio had been trying to find a baby outfit for his newborn neice, that he was seeing in Paris a few days later.
I saw the baby clothing store shop and thought, Just my luck! I'll pick out something for Sergio to take back to Paris!! I found a cute little outfit, but it didn't have any price tags on it. In fact....nothing in the store had price tags.
I know that Capri is where rich tourists go... but I was thinking, it's a baby outfit... even if its like....40's conviently here and we won't find anything anywhere else.
So the cashier wrapped the outfit up so nicely, first in tissue paper, then in a bag, then in another bag, and told me, in Italian, That will be Ninety Five Euros please.

Ok. So I was a little shocked. But I don't think I totally understood the amount, or what she said, or whatever. I just handed over my credit card. And.... if I haven't already mentioned this before....I am very, very, brutally bad at converting money in my head. I thought, you know....I think that sounds expensive....but it's a beautiful outfit, and the cashier took all of that time to wrap it up so nicely. So I bought it. And then told Sergio about it, who informed me, that I had just purchased ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTY DOLLAR baby outfit.
Oh, crap. Just put a SUCKER stamp on my forehead. I put an offical ban on myself from buying anything else on the island.
While out walking we saw an orange tree in someone's backyard!! I have NEVER seen an orange tree before, never mind in freakin' Italy!!!
There were lots of spoiled oranges on the I figured the owner wouldn't mind if I took one. So I climbed this little...ten foot fence...and took an orange.
Serves me right for stealing because it was SOUR!!! I guess it's not orange season right now. All this picture taking made me hungry so we stopped at a touristy cafe with a great view.
Those are Hungry Eyes!!!
Started off the meal with a hefty gin and tonic. Yum! And the boys ordered the local beer, which they loved.
We ate outside...even though it was a touch chilly....
And then, lunch came... it was what I was waiting for the entire trip. Caprese salad!! CAPRESE SALAD IN CAPRI!!!!
If caprese salad wasn't invented in Capri....don't tell me. I don't want to know about it!! This salad was amazing. I think I could eat fresh basil by itself.

And of course....pistachio gelato. Just a small dish???
More walking around, more picture taking, and soon enough it was time for supper. Our hotel recommended Ristorante Da Tonino.
But SERIOUSLY!!! This place was hard to find!! We climbed hills, we followed a hand-drawn map, we asked for directions, we walked and we walked and we walked and we walked!! And finally, we arrived!!
I figured that a place this hard to find must have some fabulous food.
Was so not the case. Like REALLY. I was horribly dissapointed. So dissapointed, I think I may have even choked back tears at one point...
I wish I would have at least ordered a pizza? Even a crappy Italian pizza would have left me somewhat happy.
This pasta dish... it was like something I could have got here on the project site in Madagacar... Urgh.
After our dissapointing adventure, we went back to the hotel and shared some prosecco on the patio. I serioulsy cannot get enough of the stuff!!

The next morning it was time to leave, but not before a last meal at our touristy cafe with the great view. To get to the port of Capri, we had to take this tram-like thing. It was pretty uneventful, but not for this older couple in the car in front of us. We didn't realize that they could hear everything we were saying!! We had conversations ranging from pubic hair to diareah to.... name it!! I'm not sure their tram experience was as calm as ours.

Oh, well. At least they'll have a story to tell out of it. (Or maybe they learned some interesting facts?)
Soon enough, it was back on the ferry back to Naples.
And that's where mega picture-fest of a post ends....Just before we arrived in favorite city of the whole trip!!!

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