Green & Red Sprinkles's that time of the year again.

Yes, Christmas....but also the time of the year where people, out of the goodness of their hearts, bake some kind of Christmas-y treat and bring it into the office.
There's always the comments....
"Oh you shouldn't have!!!"

"Oh, I'm watching my figure!!"

Regardless, the plate of cookies/fudge/candy always seems to dissapear by the end of the day, and is always replaced by the very next morning.

Well, in Madagascar, this doesn't happen. One of the many western traditions that doesn't happen here (I've been asking a lot lately. They don't go to malls and sit on Santa's lap either...)

I suppose I should be greatful. I suppose it's a good thing because now I don't have to try to ignore the calls coming from the cookies/fudge/candy/squares... I don't have to avoid the breakroom... calls coming from the break room... Now I don't have to feel guilty about the Christmas baking I'm eating at work that I really shouldn't....

But...really....right now, I don't care about all that.

Give me something baked.

Shortbread, candy cane bark, fruitcake... (okay...maybe not fruitcake. That's just crazy talk...). Just give me something homemade from a co-worker's kitchen.

Right now....I'd even settle for some store bought cookies with green and red sprinkles on them.

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  1. Your just going to have to wait until Christmas unless someone in MG takes pity on our precious Granddaughter. As her Grandma I'm pleading with a kind soul in MG to make some sugar cookies and give them to Nicole. She makes a wonderful job of decorating them and I'm sure she would share the end result with everyone. Good luck kiddo. I did the best I could. Love G@Gxxoo