Santa and Me

So…just like I thought it would, the sun did, in fact, come out today. Yesterday was a very low day for me. They still happen now and again….and I guess I should be a bit more flexible and remember that this time of year emotions run high.

Today wasn’t perfect….but I’ve written many times before, perfect would be boring. Oh, and I didn't cry? That's a plus right??? :)

I'm happy to say I’m feeling better today.

Maybe....Santa heard my wish....and thought I deserved a better day as an early Christmas present..... for being such a good girl this year.

(Oh…and thank you to those that wrote me a quick email. And just for the record, if you read the comments section yesterday, I’ve already called my grandparents and they are doing okay and didn’t cry themselves to sleep or anything. :P)


  1. No tears! What?! Maybe you are on the "good" list with Santa!
    love and hugs, Mom


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