Skype and Sanity. Or Lack of Both.

***Warning....there is some explicit language in this post!!!!****

You know what? My life…. just isn’t all that shabby. Yes, work is hard, yes I’m homesick, yes, some days REALLY SUCK, but for the most part, ok, fine, for like ALL the parts, I live a pretty blessed life. (ESPECIALLY when you consider my surroundings.)

But this week….this week….I have just had it.

So here comes a post, complaining, just how hard I have it. Please feel free to ignore the urge to have any thoughts (or even comment) on the fact that I should just suck it up, or be grateful, or whatever. I just need to complain. And what better place than to complain on my very own blog? That I get to write whatever I feel like, and I guess…is another blessing it itself.

First, I’m not sure if this post will actually make it make it to my blog, because I’m “emailing” it to my blog and not posting it directly. You see, before yesterday, I was able to make posts in the morning before I started work to my blog. Now, this website is blocked. Okay. I get it. You want me to work while I’m at work. Simple concept.

But….it makes an impact on my morning. I like logging on, checking my blogs (I follow a few lifestyle blogs here and there), drinking my coffee, then going to work. I take like… 20 minutes out of my day, which is probably less amount of time than a coffee break or smoke break. And in my opinion....taking those 20 minutes...makes me a happier worker, and therefore a more productive worker.

Now, everything is blocked. Okay, crap like Facebook and Twitter and all that other junk, I understand. Block it. Whatever. But….stupid things like Kraft Foods is blocked (I like reading their recipes) (Martha Stewart, however, is not. But I don’t like looking at her recipes as much). But then sites like Ebay aren’t blocked (I don’t use Ebay, but I am randomly testing as many sites as I can think of to see what is/isn’t blocked.). So I can bid on the latest fake-Coach purse, but I can’t look up a recipe?!?!? Okay, whatever. I get it. While I’m at work….I’m not supposed to be partaking in ANY personal time at all.

But the one thing…..the one thing that I’m still not able to speak about (or type about) without my blood pressure reaching dangerously high levels is the removal of Skype from my laptop. Yes, this is a work laptop. And yes, I’m using Skype for personal use. BUT SERIOUSLY, I live 15000km away from home. And Skype is essentially free (or like 2 cents/minute or something like that). So Information Technology department, while you restrict my Facebook and blogs and all the other crap….. taking away my Skype was my breaking point.

After I discovered Skype was removed….and that I couldn’t re-download it (the site is freaking blocked!!!) I went into a complete rage. I was so incredibly pissed off. I think I may have even left work early that day, and walked home. And then of course, because I was in a super pissed off mood, more things to piss me off kept happening.

My walk home involves me walking on a lit pathway that is now almost completely finished with concrete (as opposed to when it was sand, rocks, trees) and is almost enjoyable. It has these cute little lights along the side that almost make it look like it could be the pathway to a romantic resort. But tonight, of all nights, the power is out. So I’m walking, in the dark, but because I’ve left work a bit early, there is JUST enough light that I can see my way. So I get on the phone and call a friend in Canada to catch up (and to distract me from freaking out because I'm walking in the dark. As jungle lady as I am… I’m still scared of the dark. I’ll admit it.)

As I’m talking on the phone, telling my sob Skype-removal story, I hear this rustling in the bush. I keep walking… I don’t think much of it. Until something, the size and shape of a rat (I can’t confirm it’s a rat because it wasn’t light out enough) crosses the freaking pathway about three feet from me. Instead of being scared, I’m just more and more pissed off.

My blogs access was just taken away, my Skype was taken away, my lights on my way home were taken away, and now I’m walking alone in the dark being attacked by rats?? (okay….slight exaggeration….).

Just as I’m swearing about the rat (who I’m convinced is related to the person that took away my Skype access), I hear a group of girls coming. Their parents live in the same village as me and they are walking to me in the opposing direction. They can’t quite see me coming, and I startle them. And because they are fourteen year old girls and because its dark, they start the “fourteen-year-old-super-high-pitched” scream. I tell them "It’s okay!!! It’s just me!!!” It's too late, they are already freaked out.

Eventually, they stop screaming, but not in time to avoid setting the security guards onto high alert (it doesn't take much). They come running to see what's going on. I yell at them (in French) “Nothing is wrong!!! It’s just because of the dark!! Everything is fine!!!”.

But this security guard doesn’t understand French….so he has no idea what I’m talking about and continues to run to save the screaming girls from whatever is on the other side. Whatever. So now I have to wait at the exit gate (On my way to/from work, I have to cross four security gates) because the security guards have run off to save the screaming girls, and I’m super pissed off.

At this point, I'm just seething and I'm certain that the screaming girls and the rat and now the security guards have conspired together against me and now I’m just standing here waiting to get past the gate.

Finally, I get past the gate, continue to storm home, swearing, foaming at the mouth, still repeating the words “F_CK!!” and “Skype!!!” over and over again like a true maniac, get home, put on my runners, and then go for a run.

I'm running....hoping to cool off (although not literaly because with the humidity factor its +41*C), but even though I'm running hard (a post about this coming soon….), I am STILL holding on this. This has truly been my breaking point for the week. (Sometimes major things happen here and I'm unphazed. It is truly the small things here that end up making a different.) During the the last minute of my run, YELL, F*CK YOU, YOU A$$HOLES THAT TAKE AWAY MY SKYPE!!!!

I just can’t let go. I’ve had a bad day.

And to top it all off after me yelling and screaming and talking to myself while running, my neighbours are now convinced that I'm insane. (Which at this point, remains up for debate).
(Note: Yes. I can install Skype at my home computer, it’s just that it’s an incredible, INCREDIBLE piece of junk and it doesn’t work very well. And I’m really choked that I can’t check my Canadian blogs in the morning.)


  1. On the blog front - do the blogs have RSS feeds that you could set up in Google Reader? Surely the tech guys haven't blocked Google Reader...


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