Trevi Fountain

Ok, I lied. The last post I said I'd talk about Capri, but first I wanted to post some pictures of our last night in Roma. For some reason (that I can't remember) one of our "must see" places was the Trevi Fountain.

This fountain started being built in the 15th century, but because of different popes' wants and desires and ideas, it wasn't complete until 1762.
It was also restored in 1998, so it looks pretty spankin' new.
Every day the fountain generates about 3000 Euros, which is used to subsidize a market for the underpriveledged (although a lot of the money gets stolen directly from the fountain...)Legend has it, that if you toss in a coin and make a wish, you're guarateed to come back to Rome one day. I thought...I'd try out the wish with a toonie instead of the typical Euro.
Two coins tossed is said to lead to a new romance, and three coins tossed is said to lead to a marriage or a divorce.
Since I'm pretty happy with my current romance and not planning to get married any time soon, I just stuck to the one coin.
...Wish made and coin tossed. I can't tell you what the wish was, of course, or it won't come true!
Okay, okay....I wished for some amazing pizza!!!
And my wish was granted about 20 minutes later at a little hole in the wall restaurant. And of course, with a bottle of Prosecco!
Afterwards we went to a little bar, played some pool, and I ended up crashing early (okay at like 1h00....that's not too old-lady early??? Is it??? Is it??? :P) while my friends went out for another round or two of drinks.

Okay, maybe it's old lady of me... but the walking...the food....the just plain wore me out!! Now, next post...on to the island of Capri!!!!

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