Vatican City Tour

Still going through my time in the lovely Roma!!!

Last we left off, I had just had a tour of Ancient Rome and the Colloseum. The next day it was a tour of the Vatican City. We saw the grounds, St. Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. Unfortunately there will be no pictures of the Sistine Chapel because cameras are not allowed. Also...there is just TOO much history and too many facts to go through on my blog.... so I've found a few summary links to check out.

To read about Vatican City, click here
To read about the Sistine Chapel, click here
To read about St. Peter's Basically, click here.

Sorry to do a total cop out and rely solely on Wikipedia... but it's just too much information!!
And the pictures taken? They don't do the tour justice. It was totally breathtaking....and couldn't truly be captured on film... but here goes:
Outside Vatican City. Did you know it's it's own country?
See that gold ball on the top of the basilica? Just wait, a few pictures more and you'll see how truly big it is!
Look at that ball!! That's the same size of the one on top of the basilica! I still don't think this picture truly shows just how huge it is. Pinecones are a sign of fertility in Italy.
Sorry....tried to google translate this.... but no luck...

Ahh....I could use a nice hot bath after all of this walking.... Been hittin' the gym much?
We used Dark Rome Tours for this tour as well. The guide was....pretty condescending and I wasn't all that impressed with him. Yes, having a Master's in Theology does make you really smart....but it doesn't make you better than the rest of your tour group... Oh, and he made a comment to us Canadians essentially just being "smaller Americans". I think he lost his tip at that exact point.

I was also surprised at how .... disrespectful some of the tourists were. For example, in the Sistine Chapel, there is to be no talking and no picture taking. (Read about it on the link that I sent is quite an interesting story and the ceiling is painted by Michelangelo). The entire time i was in the Sistine Chapel, people were speaking beyond the sound of a whisper, and many people had to be told by security to quit taking pictures. Geez, people, this is a sacred place... be a little respectful!!!

After the tour, I had to rush a bit back to the hotel to meet Sergio, who was able to join us for a few days!! I got lost about twelve times and in the end jumped in a taxi to find my way back to the hotel. So exciting! We had one last night in Rome - with of course, some great pizza and Prosecco!!!
Next post, Capri!!!

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