Winter in Belgium

As a Canadian, I'm embarrased to admit -4*C....I am very, very cold. Madagascar has turned me into a wimp!
I spent the day in downtown Mons, Belgium. Shopping, walking around, and even a quick stop at McDonalds. No trip to Europe is complete withouth a stop at McDonalds!!!
Then it was time for skating! My favorite little four-year old is just learning how to skate, she did a pretty good job, but was fed up after about fifteen minutes. And was I.
I LOVE that I get to experience winter, but I was f-f-f-f-rrreezzzing!!!!

I know people, grace, pure grace. I should go pro.

Not sure what's on tap for tomorrow...but on Wednesday, it's off to Brussels for a CHOCOLATE TOUR. That's right - A CHOCOLATE TOUR IN BELGIUM. Elastic-waist pants will be worn.

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