Art vs Candy

I am SOOO way behind on putting on my European Vacation posts....I have two from when I was in Spain. I guess it was only like a month I'm not that late....

Anyway, while in Barcelona, we went to Figueres, about 140km away, with the objective of seeing Dalí Theatre-Museum, where Salvador Dali lived.

To get there, we had to take the train....which had some pretty nice scenery.
The town was nice and quaint.
(get it?? haha)
And when we got to the museum, I instantly thought, this dude, however talented he may be, is like….totally wacked. Anyway, on with the story. The Theater-Museum was built in the center of Figueres when Dali was really little and the building was bombed in the Spanish Civil War. It was left in a state of ruin until Dali and the mayor of Figueres decided to rebuild it and, of course, dedicate it to Dali himself.
The museum opened on September 28, 1974, with continuing expansions through the mid-1980s. It houses the single largest and most diverse collection of works by Salvador Dalí, the heart of which was from the artist's own collection. In addition to Dalí paintings from all decades of his career, there are Dalí sculptures, 3-dimensional collages, mechanical devices, a living-room with custom furniture that looks like the face of Mae West when viewed from a certain spot, and other curiosities from Dalí's imagination.

Here are just some of the very, very few works of art….
Yes, that is a head made up of doll parts. And corn husks, naturally.... It's hard to see in this picture, but it's actually an optical illusion picture of George Washington. Or Abe Lincon. I forget. He started to dabble in making jewelry. This heart actually beats.
In August 1929, Dalí met his muse, inspiration, and future wife Gala. She was a Russian immigrant ten years older than him, and she was already married to a "surrealist poet" (what the hell that is....I have no idea)....

At one point during their relationship, Gala went senile and started to give Dali a dangerous cocktail of un-prescribed medicine that damaged his nervous system and make him have Parkinson-like symtoms.

Dali, was like MEGA obsessed with Gala. Gala was rumored to be a bit of a tramp, but for some reason Dali was okay with this.
This piece of art was supposed to be the recreation of her face….and takes up the size of a room.
Gala died in 1982, and apparently Dali then lost all his will to live. He deliberately dehydrated himself, possibly as a suicide attempt, or possibly in an attempt to put himself into a state of suspended animation as he had read that some microorganisms could do (I’m telling you, this guy is a weirdo!).

He moved from Figueres to the castle in Púbol, which he had bought for Gala (and also where she died). In 1984, a fire broke out in his bedroom - no one can really tell - they aren't sure if it was attempted suicide. Anyway, somehow Dalí was rescued and returned to Figueres, where a group of his friends and other artist friends made sure that he was comfortable living in his Theater-Museum in his final years.

On January 23, 1989, while his favorite record of Tristan and Isolde played, he died of heart failure at Figueres at the age of 84, and, coming full circle, is buried in the crypt of his Teatro Museo in Figueres. The location is across the street from the church of Sant Pere, where he had his baptism, first communion, and funeral, and is three blocks from the house where he was born.

Nothing like a happy ending right?

One of my friends that I was travelling with was in pure heaven going through the museam, and for that, I’m very glad, because all if this weird crap was lost on me. I’m sure if I did more research or learned more about it….I could appreciate it more…. But let’s face it, I have better things to do, like running, eating chocolate, blogging, crying, and planning my next vacation. (Also, I’m sure like any research websites about Dali would be blocked by our “lovely” IT department).

So for me? This Salvador Dali art tour? I’ve said it more than once…. I’m not into this kind of stuff. It’s art. I don’t get it. I analyze it too much, or not enough…..I’m really not all that sure. Like, what do I really know??

All I DO know, is that my favorite part of the entire day, was eating the gummy candy that we bought at the train station. Still one last post to get up from the trip....and then I'll be back on track.
Except for my Belgium posts.... dammit!! I HAVE TO post pictures of Bruges, officially the second coolest city I've ever been to (first coolest city being Naples)!!!!

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