Christmas Water Pistols

I wrote Christmas eve about a gift that I gave to Sergio’s driver - or rather for Sergio's driver's kids.

I REALLY wanted to get them something even though it’s *kind of* going overboard since Sergio had already given him practically a month’s wages as a Christmas present. I have a soft spot for this driver. I want to take him back to Canada with me, he's just so friendly and sweet.

The driver has a 12 and a 14 year old...and both boys. Eick. That’s a hard age group buy for.

Anyways, on Christmas eve-eve, I ended up finding two super HUGE water guns – more like machine water guns with all kinds of fancy bells and whistles. I thought – even a 14 year old would like that.

So I got them wrapped all fancy with Christmas wrapping paper and bows and left them in the back of his truck. I just briefly saw him for a few seconds on Christmas eve, and I mentioned for him to give the two gifts in his truck to his boys.

I haven’t had a chance to see him since, so today I asked Sergio to ask him if his sons liked the gifts. Sergio said the driver got all crazy and excited and Sergio couldn't totally understand what he was saying, but in the end, Sergio at least managed to get it out of him that the boys LOVED the guns and now the neighbourhood dogs won’t come near his house.

It may be a bit meanspirited....but picturing two boys, on Christmas morning, running around the all over the place with water pistols…squirting their family members and the neighbourhood dogs and getting into (fun & safe) trouble......well, it totally made my day.

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