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Precious stones
A new Eldorado in Toamasina

Precious stone hunters are rushing to Ambodiapaly, a suburban area of Toamasina. The local authorities try to control the situation.
Caption: the local population rushed to Ambodiapaly to mine the precious stones

History repeats itself. There is currently a massive migration of precious stones miners in Ambodiapaly, approximately 25 km from Toamasina. One hour from the village, there is a gold career called Mandraka, which currently becomes a sapphire and ruby site. According to a local source, the deposit is important and some miners only have to dig about three meters depth to find the stones. “At the beginning, the career was intended to mine gold. Thereafter, somebody found a stone, but he did not know the nature of it and spoke to someone else about it. That was how they discovered sapphire and the news spread out quickly”, testifies a source present at the scene. Always according to this source, the precious stones miners coming from Ilakaka, Antsirabe and Andilamena are rushing to the place where they are in irregular situation.


The local authorities are overwhelmed by the events. In one week, more than 3,000 migrants came to settle in. There are more and more foreigners, precious stone buyers, namely African and Sri Lankan. But upon the Malagasy miners’ request, they are not authorized to enter the site and can only buy the stones in Toamasina. “The Malagasy have made this request to avoid any form of conflict”.
The same source also announced that the local authorities are especially afraid of the possible consequences of this sapphire fever. They especially fear insecurity, non-observance of cleanness and degradation of the environment in particular. The gendarmerie and the mayor came to the place to discuss with the miners, and sensitize them and ask for their co-operation.
A new sapphire and rubis deposit in Toamasina
A new site of sapphire and ruby was discovered in Toamasina according to the « L’express » in its Saturday’s edition. The new deposit which is located in the village of Ambodiapaly, 25 km from Toamasina, is very important according to the local population, since the precious stones are located at only 3 meter depth. This village is not only known for precious stones but also for gold,
discovered earlier by the miners.

According to “L’ Express”, There is currently a massive migration of precious stones miners to this village, where miners from Ilakaka (735km in the South of the Capital and one of the biggest sapphire deposit in the world), Antsirabe (170km south of Antananarivo, known for its tourmaline and beryl deposits) and Andilamena (300 km North East of Antananarivo for its ruby) are moving to discover the resources. According to local authorities, more than 3,000 migrants including Africans and Sri Lankans currently occupy the area. Concerning the co-operation of Madagascar with foreigners regarding the natural resources mining in Madagascar, the Australian company Cluff Resources Pacific, known for its gold production, has joined the Indian company Varun Mines & Minerais, in order to develop the precious mines of Madagascar. A 20 years exploitation license for the sapphire and ruby deposits in the south of Madagascar was granted to Cluff Resources Pacific.
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