Bruges with my Bestie.

First off, I hate the word "Bestie" but it sounds good. Second, this post is loong overdue. But I've been busy being lazy, working, and being sick.

Anyway, on to the post:

On my second last day in Belgium, my bestie and I took the train to Bruges for the day. Everyone I had talked to told me Bruges was one of the places to go if you ever went to Belgium.

Bruges was a two hour train ride away but went by quickly. In no time at all, we were outside the train station....asking for directions. But in Bruges, they speak Flemish. So they have street names like Anadkahdstaat, and Dawnwktwsdtstaad. Make getting around a little difficult, but we did manage to find an ice sculpture display... Yikes! A little cold on the tush. This was a pretty impressive exhibit (as it should be for 13 euros per person!)
Don't all Canadians live in Igloos? They even had an ice bar! And for two euros, I certainly could go for a shot of Baileys to warm me up!
(even if it was ice cold....) Will be seeing the real thing in May with my mom!They even had a castle made totally out of ice and a slide to get back down. Next up we were trying to find Grote Markt - basically the central area of the city. After approaching a few random strangers and asking for directions, we found it. I find the more I travel the less I rely on maps and the more that I approach smiley, nice looking strangers and ask for clearer directions. It's much easier than trying to decide which way is North/South/East/West...
And lucky me!! A Salvador Dali museum!! (Obviously, I did visit it.... not).
Loved the Grote Markt.
Why visit the Salvador Dali museum, when there's the Fry Museum????
Where else could you learn facts like when the first potato came to Belgium????
Or what potato beetles look like when they're doing it???
This museum was ridiculously cheesey and I'm so glad the city of Bruges was super cool and that we didn't just come for this museum!
I took my bestie on a horse and carriage ride and when the driver asked if we wanted her to tell us more about the region, we were all for it! But because of her super strong Flemish accent....I got about one out of every eleven words....
And, the highlight of the trip was seeing a statue of the Flemish mathematician Simon Stevin , that in 1586 published a small pamphlet called De Thiende ("the tenth"). Decimal fractions had been employed for the extraction of square roots some five centuries before his time, but nobody used decimal numbers in daily life. He felt that this innovation was so significant that he declared the universal introduction of decimal coinage, measures, and weights to be merely a question of time. So he bascially invented the decimal system! Tell me that's not something to get excited about!!!!!!! :P
Okay, so maybe non-accountant-non-dorks wouldn't be excited about that....but it was literaly the only thing I understood from our Flemish speaking horse carriage driver.
I looooooved Bruges!!

I think I could have spent a week going in and out of the little shops! It was such a cute city!!

And then, the next day, I left for home. :(

Spending the day in Bruges was the perfect ending to an awesome trip!!!As I've probably written a bazillion times, I'm an only child, and I think the closest thing I have to a sister is my friend living in Belgium. Not only am I priveledged to know her, I have her two (soon to be three!!) adorable kids in my life, AND we both got to spend our first Christmas away from Canada together. (Okay, partially together, since technically I got there on Boxing Day). I don't get to spend nearly enough time with that family!

Belgium was a great mini-vacation (even if half of it was spent sleeping or laying in bed :)) !!!!

The bestie will be having a baby boy in June....and I happen to be passing through Paris in I see a short visit to Belgium in my near future....