Delayed Weather Jetlag

I think that my Canadian body is suffering from an extreme case of "weather jetlag". Even though I've been here for over a year and a half, my body is still on Canadian time and thinks that it's like this outside:
But in reality, it's +33*C here most days(not including humidty factor, which usually bumps it up to +41*C). So after a couple of hours of dancing on a Saturday night (in a well ventilated club, I should add), I look like this: Can you see the sweat dripping off of my chin?!?!
No, I did not just participate in a wet t-shirt contest!!!

The only solution I can come up with is to contact Shamwow and ask them to sew me a dress, a cute skirt and shirt, or even a freaking onesie to absorb the enormous quantities of sweat that I produce in this country. (If you aren't familiar with the Shamwow, first off - please get out less and turn your TV for a minimum of hour a week. Second - it's a magical material that absorbs TWELVE times it's weight in liquid). I'm off to draft them an email. Let's hope my dripping sweat doesn't short circut my laptop.

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