Divide me in 4, please

Today (this week?) I’ve been in a mood. I’m not sure how to describe it. Not like a “bad” mood. Just…in a mood.

Here’s my problem. I haven’t figured out how to be in multiple places at once.

In other words:
I’d like to be in Edmonton, spending time with my family.
I’d like to be in Vancouver, to visit my mom.
I’d like to be in Madagascar, living the Expat life, travelling every six weeks to new places.
I’d like to be in Belgium, spending time with my gals.

I can’t come up with a way to do all four at once.

This frustrates me.

Sometimes….it makes me cranky.
Sometimes, it makes me weepy (I miss everyone!!).
Sometimes, I’m totally cool with it.
Sometimes, I think the fact that I’m living la vida expat makes me one of the luckiest people IN THE WORLD.
Sometimes….it makes me feel a victim of my own circumstances (like HOW can I live in a country that doesn’t stock peanut butter?!?!?).

It's all about comprimise....but right now....I want it all.


  1. Oh my. I can't imagine having all those balls in the air at one time. We miss you too. Same goes for us.Turkey dinner March 5th. Jet lag or no jet lag.Hang in there kiddo. Love G&G

  2. Of course you want it all; we all do! And once in a while you are allowed to whine about it too ;). I agree with you that living "la vida expat" is a great experience (most of the time).

    Madagascar! What a fabulous place (most of the time). It's on my list, but Moldova may come first ===:?


  3. we love you poon dog xoxo Guigley piglies