Military Operation

Here's a picture of our entrance way in the house.

Notice anything? Three pairs of shoes, two black, one pair of runners. But look a little closer....
And you will see two completely different runners. Difference size, different colors, and different name brands.
Yet somehow, when I was packing to go to Paris from Belgium, I took one of my friend's shoes and one of mine. And into the suitcase they went.

This made me SO mad because for the last while I've been getting out running three times a week (when I'm not on my deathbed). And it's not just like I can head out to the local Running Room and pick up another pair. (Although some people are telling me there is a market where you can buy shoes here.....I'm skeptical that they have non-Malagasy sizes).

HOWEVER, a few days after I got back to MG, I remembered that for some reason.....I had an extra pair of old runners in my filling cabinet. Why? Doesn't everyone have a pair of runners in their filing cabinet??? I really don't know. (I also found a granola bar, a package of Crystal Light, and a Christmas Card from last year, about six notorized copies of my passport, and unshelled peanuts. Just your regular ol' desk drawer.)

Thank goodness for that extra pair.... do you know how hard it is to mail a shoe from an island in Africa? And then receive a shoe?

Operation Shoe Exchange is as follows:
My shoe will be sent from Belgium military base to the Ottawa military base, and then mailed to Sergio in Canada. Sergio will bring it over in his suitcase back on January 29th.

And as far as my pal's shoe? WEEeelllll....I had planned on giving it to Sergio to do the reverse of what I just explained....except in my sick condition...I forgot. So, I'll have to give it to another expat to mail them to Ottawa military base to mail to the Belgium military base when they return to Canada (Phew. I'm tired just typing that).

I think the "rule of thumb" for runners is to change your shoes every 500 or 1000km. Just this ONE shoe will have travelled over 15,000km by the time that I get it back! Now how's that going to work??!!!


  1. It's got nothing to do with your hair coloring it's just the way it is in the life of nicole 101. LoveG@Gxxoo

  2. hahahah i had a good laugh about it....maybe i should still go running????? hahaha :D miss ya!!! wf