Along with baking me a cake from scratch, buying me amazingly thoughtful gifts, Sergio also managed to organize a wicked birthday dinner out for me and twenty five of my co-workers and friends. (What a superstar he is!!).

Here's a few pictures of the night out. I'm short on words, because last night I was not short on Dzama....so my brain cells are a little sleepy....
The main course was honestly the best meal I've eaten since I MOVED HERE!!! Granted, that's not saying much, but the food was actually REALLY good!!!
I was spoiled with gifts and great company.
Yes, it was hot and humid out. And yes, that's the same fake smile I have been giving for now THIRTY ONE years.
The "surprised" look on my face is a total fake. Three minutes before they brought out the birthday sparklered cake, they brought it to the wrong girl. There's always these miscommunication things in MG. The waiter then took the cake away from her, went back into the kitchen, dimmed the lights again, and put in another sparkler. At least this time we had time to be prepared with the camera.
This year's birthday was far calmer (and safer) than last year's celebrations - thank goodness for that!!! No tears, no broken down bus, no malaria stricken party guest....

30 was a pretty amazing year.

I think 31 is going to be equally as awesome, if not better.

Now....I'm off to put on my wrinkle cream and go to bed.

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  1. And you are a super nice girl and any one that is lucky enough to know you better be smart enough to keep you . We are all so glad you had a wonderful day and a wonderful year. Gods Blessings for the next year to be happy, healthy and fun. LoveG&G xxoo